Mission Statement

We transform volatile ideas into rock-solid products. The genius thought you had before going to bed could become a reality overnight, consistently tearing apart the financial and psychological barriers holding you back. Our innovative approach to web-development seeks to empower anyone to work with great web applications.

What We Do

We build applications on top of recognized open-source frameworks. From Content Management Systems (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal) to Shopping Cart softwares (Magento, PrestaShop) and PHP Frameworks (CodeIgniter, Zend). We are always able to jumpstart development with powerful bug-free codebases reviewed by thousands of developers.

Who We Are

A dynamic and driven team spread across the globe. We brought our Western expertise to India and set up production here, while maintaining business operations and support close to our customers. Being internet entrepreneurs ourselves allows us to provide an unbeatable mix of proximity, deep understanding and low-cost development.

We transform volatile ideas into rock-solid products, empowering virtually anyone to work with great web applications

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