Google Fuchsia Is The OS For All

Google Fuchsia launched on GitHub in August of 2016 and since then, its development remained somewhat guarded. However, during this year’s Google I/O, the tech giant decided to finally discuss the topic.


Google Fuchsia could be a universal operating system

The main reason behind the hype is that Fuchsia’s source code suggests it could be a universal operating system. Although there is just speculation, some say it could be used across what are now Android and Chrome OS devices.


Basically, Fuchsia could potentially operate your smartphone, your laptop and even the Internet of Things (IoT) devices. To further prove these speculations, two developers recently succeeded in installing and running  Fuchsia in Android Studio Emulator. However, their experiment didn’t really show us much, except for the fact that the OS is still in a relatively early stage of development.


Senior Vice President of Android and Chrome, Hiroshi Lockheimer spoke more on Fuchsia during a live podcast for The Verge. He commented that despite speculations about Fuchsia trying to replace Android and Chrome OS, Fuchsia is a thing of its own.


“Fuchsia is really not about that. Fuchsia is about just pushing the state of the art in terms of
operating systems and things that we learn from Fuchsia we can incorporate into other products.”


At an Android fireside chat during Google’s I/O event last week, Lockheimer spoke more on the topic. He emphasized that the need for an operating system isn’t limited to mobile devices and computers. Adding that IoT technology also may need an OS to run as well. Lockheimer further added that it is possible for different operating systems to have different strengths and focuses. Google has this in mind when developing Fuchsia.


These may not be necessarily the most revealing statements regarding an OS system, ever to be made, however, they do shed some light on this otherwise obscure topic. Nevertheless, we are looking forward to more news of what it may be a revolutionary OS. So, keep an eye on our news feed and don’t miss out!


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