10 Most Popular Angular Websites of 2020

AngularJS – referring to Angular versions 1.x – was first released in 2010. Since the beginning, this JavaScript cross-platform framework was very popular within the development community because of the way it worked. Back then, AngularJS acted as the Model within many MVC – Model, View, Controller – frameworks. 


However, in 2016 the core development team at Google took over and re-wrote the entire framework based on TypeScript. This is the moment when AngularJS became Angular. Google developers simplified many of Angular’s behavior and combined the “M” and “V” in the MVC framework. Much like Facebook’s ReactJS, the new Angular – Angular v.2.0 – now acted as both the Model and the View in the MVC structure. 




This switch gained Angular even more popularity, making it one of the most used frontend frameworks today. With almost 64000 stars on GitHub, Angular promises the same exemplary performance for every platform, including native mobile and native desktop. But today we will only focus on the top 10 Angular Websites of 2020. So let’s get to it!


PayPal Community

PayPal was launched back in 1998, and is one of the most popular and trusted payment methods today. While the main PayPal website does not use Angular in its tech stack, the official PayPal Community forum does.


Paypal 10 Most Popular Angular Websites of 2020

Source: PayPal


The PayPal Community was launched in 2009, and today consists of more than 3.5 million members. Like many other forums, the PayPal Community forum extends way beyond general troubleshooting. Within the community, members share inspiration, their passions, and experiences with one another. This goes from e-commerce advice for beginners to warnings about fraudulent companies.


The community page ranks #253 in its own category worldwide and records a monthly average user influx of 3.7 million. The platform uses AngularJS v.1.4.8 in combination with other techs such as PHP and PrismJS.



As Angular is a part of the official Google stack, it’s expected that many of Google’s services are developed with Angular. This includes the Google Store, the G Suite homepage, Google AI, the Google Ads homepage and we can literally go on until tomorrow.


However, one of the most popular Google services built with Angular is Google.org. Google is a well known social, environmental, and equalitarian benefactor. In 2005, the giant launched google.org in a philanthropic movement towards helping those in need through technology and innovation. 


Google.org 10 Most Popular Angular Websites of 2020

Source: Google.org


Today, Google.org invests over $100 million in grants to support nonprofit organizations to change the world. That is on top of the more than 200.000 hours put in by Google volunteers yearly. The platform, which is built with AngularJS 1.5.9 in combination with other techs, brings in more than 14 million visitors on average every month



Whoever you are, whatever age you are, you know what Lego is. The Danish toy manufacturer has been around since 1932 when it was first started by Ole Kirk Kristiansen. From a carpenter’s workshop to the “toy of the century”, Lego sure has come a long way.


Lego 10 Most Popular Angular Websites of 2020

Source: Lego


However, Lego has made its way into our hearts through more than just their unique toys. The giant franchise also keeps our child entertained with movies, the famous Legoland parks, comic books, and more.


The official Lego homepage attracts an average of over 19 million visitors every month, ranking #1.732 worldwide. As you’ve already guessed, AngularJS is an important part of their long list of techs used for the main site.



One of the most recognizable news sources in the world, Forbes has also been a part of our lives for over a century. The company launched the Forbes.com website in 1996, as the internet was becoming more and more popular. Today, the platform uses Angular 5.2.0, in combination with other technologies such as BackboneJS, Core-JS, and LightJS and many others. 


Forbes 10 Most Popular Angular Websites of 2020

Source: Forbes


This comprehensive stack of modern techs provides Forbes users with a seamless experience no matter the device. But, not only that Forbes.com is 100% responsive, thanks to Angular, Forbes has almost instant rendering even when your internet connection is less than perfect.


Currently, Forbes records an average of 144M visitors every month and ranks #311 globally. In its own category, News and Media, Fobes.com is the #50th most popular platform.



In their own words, Autodesk makes software for people who make things. A bit vague, but that is probably the best way to describe Autodesk to this day. Since it was initially launched in 1982, Autodesk’s full focus was on building software for the main industries of the world – construction, manufacturing, engineering, architecture, and entertainment.



Today Autodesk offers three key packages that are customizable based on each client’s needs and budget. However, two of their best-known tools are AutoCAD and Maya. AutoCAD is a computer-aided design tool mostly used withing the architecture and product design packages. Maya, on the other hand, is a powerful 3D computer graphics design tool. This program allows users to create animations, render, model, and simulate all in one place.


As a software company dealing with new technologies every day, we already expected to see Angular in their stack. Autodesk uses AngularJS for their landing page, along with other JavaScript libraries and frameworks such as EnquireJS and RequireJS, Lightbox, Iodash, and more. The platform ranks #1.438 globally and hosts a steady flow of over 25 million visitors every month.


Rockstar Games

A household name among the gaming community, Rockstar Games has been on the market since 1998. Over the years, the popular games development company produced some of the most iconic titles available today. The list includes the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series, Red Dead, and Max Payne


Rockstar Games 10 Most Popular Angular Websites of 2020

Sources: Rockstar Games


There is a massive network of subdomains and independent sites around Rockstar Games, all using different technology stacks. However, the list of techs used for the official page includes Angular 2.3.0 for frontend and PHP. Today, the platform ranks #1.027 globally and #26 withing the Games category and sees an average of 30.4 million monthly visits.



Indiegogo is a crowdfunding platform like no other in the world. Entrepreneurs and inventors have an opportunity to present their ideas to users and find investors in every-day people. However, what makes Indiegogo truly unique is the process and the community. Backers – users who invest in different products promoted on Indiegogo – are part of the product life from the very first start. This means that, unlike with other crowdfunding platforms, Indiegogo backers actually have a say in a prototype before its launch.


Indiegogo 10 Most Popular Angular Websites of 2020

Source: Indiegogo


This sense of community and involvement has helped Indiegogo gain a lot of traction over the years. Since it was launched in 2008, Indiegogo hosted over 800.000 innovative ideas, amassing an impressive amount of over 9 million backers. The platform is based on Ruby on Rails, combined with AngularJS and other frontend JavaScript libraries and frameworks.


Globally, Indiegogo ranks #4.863, and #206 in its Computer Electronics and Technology category, with an average of 11 million monthly visitors.



UPS – United Parcel Services – started over a century ago in 1907. Today, the transport giant is present in over 220 nations around the world. In 1994, UPS launched the very first version of their official web page. And only a year later, in an innovative step forward, users were already able to track their parcels online.


UPS 10 Most Popular Angular Websites of 2020

Source: UPS


The current UPS website is built with AngularJS in combination with other JavaScript technologies like ParsleyJS, and yepnopeJS. Today ups.com ranks #169 worldwide and 2nd in its own Business and Customer Services category. Even more impressively, the platform hosts and an incredible amount of over 229 million monthly visits.



Crunchbase is a comprehensive database containing information about companies around the world. When it was initially launched back in 2007, Crunchbase was actually part of TechCrunch, acting as their own database and startup analysis tool. The platform was so beloved, that in 2014, Forbes described Crunchbase as “a minor miracle”. Today, Crunchbase is one of the most popular analytical tools and funding platforms for startups in the world.


Crunchbase 10 Most Popular Angular Websites of 2020

Source: Crunchbase


The company – according to their own Crunchbase profile – uses 76 different technologies on their website, promoting their 102 products. Among these techs, we find Angular 9.1, PHP and Ruby on Rails. We’ve seen this combination before, and it really is not a surprise. Angular is an excellent choice for frontend when the backend is run by such different techs as PHP and Ruby on Rails.


Crunchbase currently ranks #4.247 globally – #113 in the Computer Electronics and Technology category – and hosts an average of 7.6 million monthly visits.



TransferWise is an online money transfer tool that promises affordable and fast services. The company strives towards transparency and information availability, which is showcased on their landing page from the start. 


However, one aspect that TransferWise prides itself with is their support system which – according to them – is simplified by using actual humans. Today, TransferWise services over 8 million people today from around the world, offering them a truly safe and fast way of transferring money. As further proof of their popularity, the platform ranks #2.429 globally, only #55 within the Finance and Banking category.


Transferwise 10 Most Popular Angular Websites of 2020

Source: TransferWise


Another aspect that sets TransferWise apart is their choice of technology, in particular the Java EE platform. This is a backend development tool based on the programming language with the same name. The reason why this stands out is that not many companies choose Java as a backend technology. Instead, most companies today opt for more common tech such as NodeJS. Nevertheless, TransferWise makes good use of Java EE, in combination with AngularJS on the frontend, as well as React and the React-based NextJS.


Wrapping up

As with the list of top ReactJS websites of 2020, the list we presented today only barely scratches the surface. Angular – like most JavaScript-based frameworks – is volatile, works extremely well even with less common techs, and it is constantly updated and maintained. 


Today there are hundreds of thousands of web applications using Angular in some way or another. But more importantly, like with ReactJS, Angular has a massive community behind it. So, if you are planning to launch your own website, there is no doubt that Angular should be on top of your list.


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