10 Most Popular Angular Websites of 2021

Angular is one of the most popular front-end JavaScript frameworks today, and each year we look at the 10 most popular Angular websites that captured our attention and won our hearts and try to put up a list of our favorites.


Now, we know what you may be thinking – what makes Angular so special? There is a sea of JavaScript-based frontend frameworks that sound just as good, so how does this one stand out?


Why is Angular so popular?

The answer is simple – it’s the support behind it. The first version of Angular, also known as AngularJS was released in 2010 by a team at Google.


To this day, Google together with a community of individual developers maintain the framework and release new and updated versions periodically, including the latest one – the Angular 11 which was released in November 2020.


As one of the best documented and best-meintained JavaScript frameworks, Angular has many benefits that make it suitable for any business from start-ups to global organizations.


Some of its top advantages are seamless real-time app testing, flexible development, two-way data binding, supporting parallel development, speed and performance, faster load, and simplified MVC pattern.


But Angular is also suitable for single-page heavy applications. So, because of these many advantages, even many major brands develop the front-end of their websites in Angular.


There are many great examples of websites and apps that use Angular, but today we are going to take a look at the 10 best Angular and AngularJS websites of 2021. Let’s get to it!


1. Upwork 

Considered the world’s largest and most popular marketplace for freelancing and business. Upwork connects freelancers, agencies, and independent professionals with businesses of all sizes for any of the hiring they need.


Upwork’s service provides us with intuitive design, excellent functionality, and data protection for all users. As freelancing continues to rise in its popularity, the Upwork service rises as well.


Upwork - Most Popular Angular Websites
Source: Upwork.com


With AngularJS 1.5.9 in the tech stack, the Upwork platform is providing a responsive single-page experience for more than 20 million of its active users. The framework with its seamless navigation provides outstanding solutions that can be implemented to any website for intuitive navigation and filtering.


Just like any other website written in Angular, Upwork thrives by providing high webpage performance and a rich user experience.


2. Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank is a leading multinational investment bank that uses AngularJS. More specifically the AngularJS 1.7.8 for the front page of its developer portal.


Deutsche Bank - Most Popular Angular Websites
source: developer.db.com


The developer portal highlights the Deutsche Bank API program, which is an access point for millions of organizations worldwide, who are looking to incorporate the transaction system of Deutsche Bank into their web software. 


3. Freelancer

Freelancer is an Australian based platform for freelancers founded in 2009. The platform was created by crowdsourcing and has users across 247 territories around the world. Freelancer serves as a marketplace for employees and employers to post, collaborate, and complete projects.  


Freelancer - Most Popular Angular Websites
Source: Freelancer.com


Having such a large group of users, it’s no surprise that Freelancer chose Angular for their leading frontend framework. Giving their users seamless responsiveness, a great experience, and stunning UI, Freelancer is using Angular 5.1.0.


4. IBM

Well known producer and seller of computer software, hardware, and middleware. IBM also provides consulting and hosting services in areas from mainframe computers up to nanotechnology. In fact, IBM as one of the oldest tech businesses holds a top spot for the most U.S. patents generated by the company for the past 27 years.


IBM - Most Popular Angular Websites
Source: ibm.com


Using Angular for the front-end development of their website, it’s pretty obvious how efficient and powerful Angular can be when even technology giants like IBM use it.


5. Weather

As the name suggests this is a weather forecasting website that was back in 2015 acquired by IBM.  


Weather - Most Popular Angular Websites
Source: Weather.com


Weather is a great example of the Angular website as it shows how it can be used for real-time broadcasting on websites or applications with numerous geographical locations. Combined with integration with multiple maps and straightforward design, the Weather is a source of important information thanks to Angular power features.  


6. PayPal

Almost everyone knows PayPal, the online money transfer company many individuals and businesses use. PayPal has more than 305 million active user accounts on its platform, and is impressive in its website performance and handling high loads.


PayPal - Most Popular Angular Websites
Source: PayPal.com


Using AngularJS 1.4.8, PayPal is able to support real-time feeds of transaction data. It includes a number of advanced security features because it’s used for money transactions. Angular also contributes to PayPal’s seamless checkout and thanks to the Angular tool checkout.js the purchase and entire transaction can be completed without leaving the website. 


The website is simple, needing only few-clicks authorization for business and individual users.


7. Forbes

Another great Angular website, Forbes is made with Angular 5.2.0 and combined with other technologies like Core-JS, BackboneJS, and LightJS, and others. 


Originally, Forbes was a business magazine popular in America and later got huge popularity thanks to articles featured on the internet. Those articles are usually ranked highly on Google Search Engine Result Page and represent a reliable source to a reader. Last month Forbes.com  had about 108 million global visitors


Forbes - Most Popular Angular Websites
Source: Forbes.com


By using Angular in the front-end, Forbes has fast loading page time and provides users with a responsive experience. Further, the articles are able to update seamlessly within seconds to view. Forbes is able to provide its users with a high-performing website that is compatible with tablets and mobile phones.


Forbes is now one of the largest publishing companies using Angular. And that’s because Angular can handle the demands of journalism we have these days.


8. The Guardian

Founded in 1821 as The Manchester Guardian, now known as The Guardian, is a British daily newspaper. By gaining popularity among British readers in the early years and later having also massive presence online, it’s no surprise that The Guardian has become a reliable source of news and information around the world.


The Guardian - Most Popular Angular Websites
Source: The Guardian.com


The news website is one of the best in this specific industry that is developed with AngularJS. Exactly, the UI of the website is developed in AngularJS. As they produce enormous amounts of articles on a daily basis, they need to provide high-level readability for the users, which is offered by Angular and makes it an obvious choice for The Guardian.


9. Delta

Delta Air Lines carried in the United States is a leader in domestic and international travel. They offer flight tickets to 60 countries and more than 300 destinations. 


Delta - Most Popular Angular Websites
Source: Delta.com


Build with Angular 6.1.9 Delta’s website is all out and their website’s front-page traffic is now ranking third in the travel and tourism category. They decided to place the framework onto their homepage and they’re clearly benefiting from that.


With that integration, Delta’s customers are able to make some advanced airfare searches or register flight information with a pleasing user experience and fast loading speed of a page.


10. Samsung

The South Korean electronics company that is a global competitor within the electronics industry was founded in 1938. Their front page of the website is packed with Angular code.


Samsung - Most Popular Angular Websites
Source: Samsung Forward


Angular 6.1.2 is incorporated into Samsung Forward service. The Angular in this case helps with visually appealing animations as well as transitions that are mobile-friendly and that all is improving user experience on the site


Among the many companies that use Angular, Samsung can be differentiated as a top leader in the sector of electronics.  


Final thoughts

This concludes our 10 most popular Angular websites of 2021 and the well-known brands that showcase Angular’s capabilities at their finest.  They’re beautiful, they’re professional, they are slick and they are memorable. The ability and freedom to create that is, in fact, what makes Angular so popular.


So it’s no doubt that with Angular you can transform the interactivity and functionality of your websites and applications for the better. And on top of that, this framework is constantly maintained and updated, so it works great with less common technologies as well.


Thanks to new releases, Angular is becoming better and better and as of 2021 Angular is a dominant framework. You can build a front-end that is highly functional and has an eye-catching UI. If you are looking for front-end frameworks for your new website, Angular is definitely one you should be thinking of.


We just can’t wait to see what next year has in store for Angular!


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