10 Most Popular Elementor WordPress Websites of 2020

The Elementor WordPress page builder lets you create beautiful and professional websites. Moreover, Elementor is a freemium plugin with a live editor that allows you to create a variety of layouts and designs, based on your every need and desire. Simply put, Elementor is an amazing tool that simplifies your work, and there is no need to use code or rely on developers to help you.


This has become a really popular tool amongst the WordPress community because Elementor is easily integrated with WordPress sites, taking them to the next level. In fact, Elementor is the leading website builder platform on WordPress, serving over 5 million websites! This means that around 7% of all WordPress websites are built using Elementor. With an extremely user-friendly interface, there is almost no learning curve, making it super easy to start designing your website.


Wiredelta is a big fan of Elementor and we use it all the time. For example, our very own Wiredelta website is built using Elementor, but we also used it for some of our clients, including EGN, CEO Clarity, and HandsOn Simply, to name a few. However, today we are discussing the top 10 most popular Elementor WordPress websites of 2020. Moreover, we will also bring an homage to the creators of these Elementor WordPress sites, as well as the themes that power their beautiful designs.


So, let’s get into it!


1. BCU Advantage

BCU Advantage is the business support service from Birmingham City University (BCU) in the UK. Their services help entrepreneurs achieve their business goals through collaborations with BCU experts, business specialists, and recruitment professionals along with partner organizations and funding bodies.


elementor website
Source: bcuadvantage.co.uk


A slideshow greets the visitor when entering the BCU website with images that describe what they have to offer, with a big title and a call-to-action button encouraging us to learn more about the different courses. This is quite a common practice for websites of all tips, as the main menu often shows more than just headlines, and includes engaging call-to-actions. But in this case, using squares and boxes, the whole site is organized, and everything has a simple grid, a design perfect for a business-talking place where everything has to be neat, simple, and in order.


Design & Development: KIJO Creative

Theme: Custom


 2. Codepuffin

Amy Nortje is a talented WordPress web developer from South-Africa, working to bring website designs to life with goal-driven brand strategists.


Elementor WordPress
Source: codepuffin.co.za


Her website, codepuffin.co.za, is a perfect example of a vibrant and enjoyable site, new and fashionable, built according to the latest trends. The copy and the decision to have the menu icon look like an actual hamburger maintain this amusing attitude in a trendy way, entertaining and successful, with eye-catching messages.


Design & Development: The Bash Design Studio

Theme: Hello


3. Logimax

Logimax is a Czech company that imports and sells Tonic Original and Gin Sikkim in several flavors. Their website beautifully captures the party atmosphere typically associated with cocktail parties and celebrations.


Elementor wordpress
Source: logimax.cz


As you scroll down the website it feels like a crescendo in the party atmosphere because the page becomes more dynamic and vibrant due to the variety of colors and movement when the products are presented. At the end of the page, the party stops and it gets a little bit more serious and neat as they present their contact information to seal the deal.


Design & Development: Petr Vancura

Theme: Hello


4. We are OSM

Based in Belgrade, Serbia, We are OSM is an international software development company that provides customers with development, design, IT support, and maintenance services. OSM found a really creative way to use the gallery widget taking it above and beyond.


elementor wordpress
Source: weareosm.com


They are using the multiple gallery mode to allow collaborative filtering, and the gallery content is presented with several work samples as a large, detailed portfolio.


Design & Development: Jovan Lakic

Theme: Hello


5. Django

Diangelo Santos is a branding and digital designer from Brazil who works both as a freelancer and for programmers and developers at GeekHunter, a career marketplace.


elementor wordpress
Source: diangelosantos.com


This website contains his work in a very organized and trendy way, making it very appealing. Plus you also get some surprises when you scroll through his brilliantly designed projects section. But we don’t want to spoil the fun, so go find them for yourself.


Design & Development: Diangelo Santos

Theme: OceanWP


6. Heldenglueck

Heldenglück is a company that is located in Dulmen, Germany, and its online store sells unique drinkware such as water bottles and mugs, printed with inspirational phrases and quotes. They’ve translated the physical characteristics of Germany into the digital backdrop of their website, as the hero image of their homepage is a full-width, large-sized photograph of wide-open mountain tops.

elementor wordpress
Source: heldenglueck.de


However, Heldenglück knows that products today have to have a story behind it, because, stories sell. They make products memorable ad personal. So, they also use a variety of storytelling techniques in their design, giving their products another dimension to the user’s eyes.


Design & Development: Werbeagentur Unbunt, Tristan V

Theme: Jupiter X


7. The Space Cube

The Space Cube, as a product, was developed by Sydneysider, Carol Havener after she moved into a smaller home, with limited space. From her new need, the Space Cube was born and is today sold as a multi-functional organizer, which works perfectly in small spaces and looks attractive in different settings. It’s a great product that saves space, carries more than you ever thought possible, and looks fantastic in any home or office, with a clean aesthetic.


elementor wordpress


The overall look of the site is also very clean and tidy and feels very organized, following the brand’s principle. Each area of the site is also divided in a similar way, as a box, which emphasise the concept even more.


Design & Development: Robyn Smart

Theme: Astra


8. Abattoir Végétal

Abattoir végétal is a vegan bistro located in Paris, France. Representing the unique cuisine of vegan dining, there is an abundance of design choices and features that set their website apart from your average restaurant or grocery store site. These details include the vegetable and fruit-related cursor icons when you navigate on the website, giving it very distinct and trendy look.


elementor wordpress
Source: abattoirvegetal.com


Overall. the website is vibrant, dynamic, and alive, accentuating the benefits of a healthy, veggie, and fruits powered lifestyle. And like with a modern, progressive vegan lifestyle, there is nothing boring or plain about Abattoir végétal.


Design & Development: Camila Lopes Masetti

Theme: Jupiter X


9. Marten

Founded by Leif Mårten Olofsson in Sweden, Marten is an acclaimed manufacturer of High-End loudspeakers for at-home use. This specific Elementor Website differentiates itself from the rest through its simplicity and lack of Pzaz. Instead, the site features a clear, grid-based architecture designed around the big, captivating images of the products they promote, spread throughout the pages.


elementor wordpress
Source: marten.se


Unlike some other websites on the list, there is nothing that looks complex about the page, simply because the idea here is to let the beautiful product images speak for themselves. You don’t always need a complex website, instead, you need to create harmony between your purpose and your sites’ layout, which definitely happens here. Simple but elegant.


Design & Development: Patrick Smith

Theme: Twenty Seventeen


10. Sharon Segal

Sharon Segal is an Israeli graphics artist, animator, and front-end developer. This example of a truly unique Elementor WordPress website is actually a sort of humorous business card Sharon created that he can link to his resume. In fact, his website is really creative and is a completely different concept from the other websites on this list.


elementor wordpress
Source: devsegal.com


So, not only that this shows Sharon’s creative mind and excellent skills as a developer and artist. Bu, the game theme gives this a completely different look from what we are used to seeing in terms of online resume websites, miking Sharon’s “business card” a truly memorable one.


Design & Development: Sharon Segal

Theme: OceanWP


10 best Elementor WordPress websites of 2020 wrap up

As we’ve seen in today’s list, Elementor WordPress websites can and do achieve almost every goal, dream, and even vision! One is tempted to argue that there really isn’t anything that Elementor can’t do. And these amazingly talented artists and their incredible creations are just a small part of it. There are tons of amazing Elementor WordPress websites out there, aside from the small sample we collected.



But this only goes to show that you too can build a variety of beautiful Elementor WordPress websites for various different purposes, it only depends on your vision and preferences. That said, we hope you enjoyed the selection and gathered some inspiration for creating your own perfectly unique website. If you wish to use Elementor Pro to build your website you can grab this Elementor Pro discount promo code and get to work. Have fun!

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