10 Most Popular Headless CMS of 2021

Welcome to the 10 Most Popular Headless CMS of 2021! Never before has managing your website’s content been more important. Therefore, now more than ever, businesses need to be as aware as possible of which online systems are functioning best and which are simply inadequate. And we mean that from both technical point of view as well as non-technical.


Traditional CMSs, as we’ve seen from past articles, are great from a non-technical point of view. However, there are certain limitations as to what technology can be used on them, which also has a massive impact on how much design and functionality customization one can do when building a new platform.


As a response, the technology community created the headless CMS. So today, we will do a quick recap on what a headless CMS is and then dive into the most popular headless CMS of next year.


Let’s begin!


What is a Headless CMS?

If you are not exactly sure what we are referring to with the term “Headless CMS”, think of your normal CMS, but without the interface, or head.


Traditional Content Management systems, like WordPress for example, come with a theme or a predefined frontend which dictates how the user interface looks like and how the user interacts with it. Headless CMSs don’t have that. They instead allow developers to create their own layout and UI and, most importantly, choose their own technology to do so.


What this means is that these systems do not display inputted content on a front-facing website, instead, they include:

  • An API (Application Programming Interface): A collection of functions that allow applications to access data and interact with external software components or operating systems
  • A backend system: An isolated system that contains a database and the functionality for the future website.


The main objective when using a Headless CMS is to publish content to a web service via the application programming interface, which will allow any type of website content to be delivered and viewed no matter what the device being used (e.g., smartphone, tablet, laptop).


Furthermore, no hosts are necessary. Due to this, the maintenance of a headless CMS is far more straightforward than maintaining a non-headless CMS.



As is obvious, just a few benefits of using headless CMS are their compatibility, flexibility, and security.


Now, let’s dive into the best and most popular Headless CMSs of 2021!


1. Sanity.io

Sanity.io is a popular headless CMS platform that’s built to be built on – trusted by industry leaders such as Nike, Sonos, Cloudflare, National Geographic, Eurostar, Invision, and Netlify.


Sanity has customization at its core, offers best-in-class collaboration, and provides a pathway for continuous scaling on secure and compliant cloud infrastructure.


Empower teams of all sizes with real-time collaboration:

  • Full version control with tracking and rollback,
  • Live preview,
  • Multiplayer features,
  • And more!



2. Agility CMS

Agility CMS is a brilliant content-first headless CMS, that allows people to build a foundation for their website that will evolve over time.


With Agility CMS, you are able to choose any programming language, all the while you enjoy the adaptability and momentum that lightweight APIs provide.


Furthermore, Agility includes certain distinctive features, such as customizable templates, document indexing, digital asset management, in addition to many more.



Agility CMS provides users with a uniquely flexible experience in addition to ensuring top-notch customer service.


Examples of Agility’s big clients are Mitsubishi Electric, Scotiabank, and Cineplex.


3. Contentstack

Known as one of the most customer-friendly CMS, the API-based Contentstack combines an effective content management system with digital experience technology.



This allows its users to manage content across all digital channels and develop unique digital experiences.


In addition, with the usage of this CMS, developers are not tied to constant infrastructure management and are able to integrate third-party applications into their websites or apps.


Contentstack is the perfect CMS for:

  • Websites that require customized designs
  • Larger websites
  • Websites that will be adding omnichannel support
  • Websites with reiterated projects
  • Websites that wish to integrate third-party apps


4. Bold

Advertised as the CMS that understands your content, Quintype’s Bold allows you to create, edit, and distribute content effortlessly.


Moreover, this system allows you to preview your work across all platforms, as well as organizing your content with automation and rules.



Bold offers its customers a substantial range of content liberation tools, among which a series of the services worth highlighting are:

  • Better media delivery
  • Liveblogging services
  • Geotagging
  • Customizable workflows
  • Multilingual support
  • In-depth analytics


If what you’re searching for is a simple-to-use and well equipped for digital media challenges CMS, Bold is the one for you.


5. Mura

Mura, an innovative and flexible content management system has taken the CMS market by storm.


Due to its attractive and intuitive administration panel, the no-code solution it offers an easy to deploy user interface, Mura may just have the upper hand with regards to other CMS.


The system itself was born out of a desire for a swifter digital experience, with its creators committing to invest non-stop in product and service advancements.


Mura Headless CMS
Source: murasoftware.com


What’s more, after more than 7 years of experience in the sector, Mura provides an excellent online platform for the most challenging of websites.


Trusted by entities such as Michigan State University and Macmillan Cancer Support, this CMS should not be overlooked.


6. Crafter CMS

Crafter CMS is an open-source content management platform that allows developers, content authors, and ops to work as a team and deliver remarkable digital experience apps.


This popular headless CMS includes a number of tools, languages, and frameworks, all aimed at providing the most user-friendly experience possible.


By means of working with their simple web-based content management tools, Crafter CMS will provide the user with the possibility of creating and managing content that will lead towards an engaging user experience.



This system is trusted by many businesses, among which are eBay, AT&T, and Mastercard.


7. GraphCMS

The headless CMS GraphCMS allows the user to build their digital experiences in the way they originally envisioned them.


Not only are they able to empower content creators and editors, but they also rapidly validate and innovate their clients’ business models.


Graph CMS
Source: graphcms.com

In addition, their intuitive webpage includes a user guide and resources hub, to make their users feel as at home as possible when making use of their services.


This flexible content management system is used by many high profile clients. Examples of these clients are Telenor, Samsung, and Unilever.


8. IngeniuxCMS

Ingeniux is a content management system that believes that what they’re offering is not a product, but a process.


Their unique approach is that of a win forever. The main idea is that every day, their company services will help the client succeed.


The most appropriate and fully explored platforms and tools are provided so as to allow users to maximize their experience with the system.


Among others, Ingeniux allows users to deliver:

  • Headless Websites
  • Mobile Apps
  • Websites
  • Customer Portals



Thanks to their approach to content management, Ingeniux provides the basis for boundless opportunities when creating content for any website, portal, or app.


9. Scrivito

The web content management system Scrivito is a highly flexible and reliable CMS.


Furthermore, it leads to one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways of creating scalable websites online.


When making use of Scrivito’s editing interface, no technical knowledge is required, thus allowing for one of the most simple and customer-friendly CMS available.


With the objective of creating a more lean and elegant CMS, Scrivito altered their old-fashioned approaches and managed to develop an easy-to-use interface.




Furthermore, with Scrivito there is no need to worry about security, scalability, or availability, as it is 100% native cloud CMS.


10. Strapi

Last but not least, for the second year in a row, the popular Headless CMS Strapi is featured on Wiredelta’s Top 10 Headless CMS list.


This system allows users to effortlessly create content structures that adapt to their needs, edit and manage any type of content, and seamlessly build apps and digital experiences.


Furthermore, this CMS shortens clients’ time-to-deploy, manages their content (through universal connectivity, control, and productivity), and offers a multi-device experience.


Many features are included in this system, but a couple worth highlighting are:

  • Multi-databases support
  • Authentication and permissions
  • Webhooks



Many top-tier clients rely on Strapi for their content management. Among these are IBM, Walmart, and NASA.



As has become clear throughout this article, having a trustworthy CMS at your disposal is an extremely relevant asset, especially in this day and age, and traditional CMSs are not everyone’s cup of tea.



But not to worry! Headless CMS is becoming more popular than ever, and if you have chosen the correct one, your customers will receive an emblematic digital experience.


And with our top 10 most popular Headless CMS of 2021, you are sure to find the right solution for your digital needs. However, if you do have any other questions, the team at Wiredelta will be more than happy to help you out!


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