10 Most Popular Ionic Apps of 2021

Another year brings us the new and updated list of 10 most popular Ionic apps of 2021! In this article, we are looking at what new and cool apps built with Ionic are making their mark in the mobile development world, and are there any awesome apps capable of dethroning last year’s contenders?


We will soon find out. But first, let’s do a quick recap of what Ionic is and why are we interested to know which are the 10 most popular Ionic apps of 2021.


What is Ionic?

You may still wonder what actually is Ionic and what are its benefits? Well, Ionic is the most popular cross-platform mobile development framework. This means you can use Ionic to help you deliver a consistent user experience across all channels, with a single codebase and customizable design system.


The Ionic framework was originally launched in 2012, around the same time when web-based technologies like JavaScript started to be extensively used to build and to deploy native apps for iOS, Android, and other operating systems.


You get complete control over how your app is built, with limitless customizations and native power and performance across any device. Ionic’s components are written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, making it easy to build some incredible apps since most developers already know these languages.


From community plugins to premium integrations you get the best experience when building your app using Ionic. Your app workflow will definitely improve by using your favorite integrations.


Now let’s get into the top 10 most popular Ionic apps list for 2021.


1. InstantPot

Coming in first we have America’s #1 pressure cooker and the number one selling brand on Amazon.com. Instant Pot has over 1M+ highly engaged community members and uses Ionic to power their app, which features popular recipes and pressure cooking tips.


ionic apps instantpot


The Instant Pot recipe app makes it easy to search recipes, save favorites, make notes, and even create grocery lists so you can get to the fun part of cooking your meals. The best part about the app besides getting the most out of your pressure cooker is its interface. With a very simple and easy-to-use interface, users will keep coming back for more delicious recipes and tips.


This app is free for both ios and android and holds the #32 place in Food & Drink in the app store.


2. Amtrak

The National Railroad Passenger Corporation, Amtrak, is a corporation striving to deliver a high quality, safe, on-time rail passenger service. Amtrak serves over 500 destinations across the US and Canada and operates more than 300 trains daily.


ionic apps amtrak


Amtrak’s passenger app is a consumer-facing mobile app used to book trips, check schedules, and access ticketing information. With the Amtrak app, you get simple and intuitive access to all the travel information you need, whenever you need it right from your mobile device. Purchasing a train ticket and going on a trip couldn’t be easier.


Due to its incredible interface and user experience, this app has over 1 million downloads on the Google play store and holds the #57 place in Travel in the app store.


3. Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child is a project of the Samaritan’s Purse organization intended to help connect donors and children in need. Although it is not a super popular app as others on this list, we decided to include it here because of its selfless nature.


ionic apps


Operation Christmas Child collects shoebox gifts filled with fun toys, school supplies, and hygiene items—and delivers them to children in need around the world. For many of these children, the gift-filled shoebox is the first gift they have ever received. This app is currently available for download in the US only.


However, if you are in the US it is worth taking a look and helping out if you can.


4. 86400

86400 is a smart banking app, specifically the first smart banking app in Australia. With digitalization taking over the world, banking couldn’t stay behind and 86400 is a beautiful example of its benefits. This is one of Ionic’s favorite apps and ours too.


ionic apps 86400


It is one of the best finance apps due to its design and features. Plus the dedication showed by the team behind 86 400 and the effort they put into improving the app is admirable. If you are in Australia we definitely recommend you try it out.


The 86400 app is free and occupies the #61 position in Finance in the app store.


5. Sworkit

Sworkit is one of the top-rated apps in the fitness sector. It has been one of the best Ionic apps for quite some time, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. With people getting more and more concerned with their health and fitness the odds are looking good for apps like Sworkit.


ionic apps sworkit


Whether you’re looking to lose weight, tone up, gain muscle, improve your flexibility, or level-up your endurance, Sworkit has a plan for you. Their algorithm gives you the workout you need according to your goals, current fitness level, and time.


The app is free to download and has kids’ content for free. If you are an adult looking to use it then you need to get a subscription that starts at $4.99/month. Sworkit also comes with some popular integrations such as Google Fit, Strava, and MyFitnessPal. If you want to try it out they have a 7-day free trial so you can evaluate their service beforehand.


6. Sanvello

Sanvello is a mental health mobile application based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It helps you in dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, trauma-related conditions, or whatever else you may be going through.


ionic apps sanvello


Sanvello states that over 60 percent of their members demonstrate a 15 percent improvement in their stress, anxiety, and depression levels in less than 30 days. Although Sanvello is free to use and download they also have a premium version. This version can be accessed by 37 million Americans because of Sanvello’s partnerships with insurance providers.


7. Shipt

Shipt brings the store to your door with same-day delivery of grocery products, household essentials, beauty supplies, and more. This comes in handy especially in such uncertain times.


ionic apps shipt

You can shop from neighborhood retailers and a professional shopper will handpick and deliver your order, exactly how you want it. The delivery can be done as soon as in an hour.  You can leave special grocery instructions so your shopper gets exactly what you need.

Not only does it save you time it can be a lifesaver when you really need something but can’t get it yourself. With its beautiful design, shopping couldn’t be easier.

The app is free to download and occupies the #43 position in Food & Drink in the app store.

8. Marketwatch

MarketWatch is a financial news mobile application, bringing users the latest market headlines directly to their phones. It has been on our list in the past, and we still consider it to be one of the most popular Ionic apps.


ionic apps marketwatch


But more than seeing the news, you can get analysis around the stock market, real-time market data, and more. You get a watchlist that tracks your stock picks and sends notifications whenever something changes. It syncs seamlessly with the web app giving the full experience on both ends.


The Marketwatch app is free and occupies the #133 place in Finance in the app store.


9. Mobile measures

Mobile measures is a reference tool for physical and occupational therapists. It provides access to high-quality patient assessment tools that are scientifically proven to measure critical aspects of health and functional status. Although this app has a very specific target, we thought it would be worth mentioning in order to show the diversity that can be reached with the ionic framework.


ionic apps mobile measures


Mobile Measures guides professionals to the best functional tests and questionnaires to use for over 50 different patient populations. It automatically calculates patient scores, offers an immediate interpretation of the results using up-to-date research, and uploads the results into the professional’s documents. It is a great free tool to ease the work and to assist in giving the best possible care.


10. Southwest Airlines (internal)

Coming in at last we have a different kind of app. This app from Southwest airlines is used internally by its employees. Although you cannot download this app we still think we should mention it to show you the power of Ionic.


ionic apps southwestairlines


This app allows the company to maintain its excellence when it comes to customer service but this time in terms of the employee experience. Every Southwest employee has quick access to transportation details, hotel accommodations, interactive campus maps, and even directions to the nearest bathroom or cup of coffee with this app.


Happy employees are a great starting point to having happy customers and Southwest recognizes that.


To sum up

This year’s Ionic apps list comes to an end and we hope you enjoyed our picks and got value from them. Even if some are old favorites they still present great value and we couldn’t go without mentioning them.



If you had any doubts about what you could do with the Ionic framework, hopefully, they are cleared. The use cases are endless and the existing Ionic apps go far beyond what we have shown here. We have even created some apps of our own with the Ionic framework here at Wiredelta if you would like to check them out.


Feel inspired to create something of your own this year with the Ionic framework and we might see your app featured in one of our future articles.


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