10 Most Popular Ionic Apps

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Good news everyone, our great 10-most-popular-apps list continues. We already showed you the 10 most popular Electron and ReactJS apps. This time we resume with the 10 most popular Ionic apps. But first, let’s recap what Ionic is all about.


What is Ionic used for?

The future is in the hands of cross-platform frameworks, and here the Ionic framework comes in handy! Originally launched in 2012, around the same time when web technologies started to be used for building native apps for iOS, Android and other popular mobile operation systems.


Ionic is an open source framework used for the development of cross-platform apps and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). It is based on the HTML5 programming language. Furthermore, the framework features a wealth of front-end building blocks, which helps with the development of highly user-friendly mobile apps. Apart from HTML5, Ionic also uses CSS and JavaScript in its core. Additionally, in order to run your app on multiple platforms it has to be wrapped with Cordova or PhoneGap.


Nowadays, Ionic is one of the most popular cross-platform mobile development frameworks. Just to show you how popular it is, there are more than 5M Ionic apps and as much developers from over 200 countries that are supporting and improving the framework every day.


10 most popular Ionic Apps

1. Sworkit

Sworkit is a cross-platform app that uses the Ionic framework in order to run on both iOS and Android. Because of Ionic, the developers of the app are able to use a single codebase to make it compatible with all operating systems.


Sworkit Ionic App


Furthermore, Sworkit is a fitness app that is used from more than 25M people. Inside the app you can find a huge diversity of training exercises and videos. The best part of it is that you can train anywhere, with literally no equipment. Furthermore, you can choose the duration of your workout session and the app will provide you with the exact set of exercises.


2. JustWatch

JustWatch is a streaming search engine app that, as well, uses Ionic. It helps you find legally available content among the most popular streaming services like Netflix and HBO Now.



As a cross-platform app, it is available to download for free on an Android or iOS device. All you need to do is register with you Facebook or Google account.


3. McDonald’s Türkiye

We highly doubt that you haven’t tried, or at least heard about McDonalds. For those of you who haven’t, McDonald’s is the world’s largest fast food chain. As every big company, McDonald’s also puts a lot of efforts and resources into building a solid digital presence. That’s why, they decided to go with Ionic for their food ordering app on the Turkish market. In addition, the app provides you with lots of deals and discounts.



4. McLaren Automotive

McLaren’s app was also built in Ionic. It provides you with the latest news and events form the automotive manufacturer. It also allows you to manage and organize your favorite articles from the company and review them later. The content can be filtered by channel including their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Furthermore, the app also gives you constant access to the Owner’s Handbook.



5. Honeyfi

Another fun app that uses Ionic is Honeyfi. It is free to download and it helps couples manage their money together. In this way, they can keep track of their budget, bills and other expenses. According to Honeyfi, 60% of Millennial couples don’t fully merge their financial accounts, so the app helps them manage how much they share and they spend money on.



The Honeyfi app has been live since 2017 and is available to download from both App Store and Google Play. Ever since it launched, it became very popular and was also credited in highly-rated newspapers and magazines like Enterpreneur, MSN, and HuffPost.


6. MarketWatch

For all of you who like to stay in touch with the latest news, we present you the MarketWatch app. It shows you the most current company news, stock market quotes, financial advice and market data. Most importantly, as an Ionic app, it performs great on both Android and iOS devices. There are only few minor differences between them regarding the sizes and layout of the app. But all of these differences can be managed with CSS. Here is what MarketWatch has to say about the cross-platform framework:


“We picked Ionic because of how heavily it leans on existing technologies that we are familiar with and use regularly, but we wanted something that also didn’t compromise on the app experience. The fact that the framework is so performant only reinforced our decision. We’re incredibly pleased with the outcome and think Ionic has made our app stronger.” 

– Head of Product, Brian Aguilar



7. ChefSteps

One of the first apps ever developed with the help of Ionic is ChefSteps. It is an app that helps its users to cook like pros. For the development of the app the ChefSteps team cooperated closely with the Ionic co-founder and CEO Max Lynch. In this way, they were able to secure that the app presents Ionic in all its beauty.


“I like to say that it teaches you to cook like a real chef at home. There are some tutorials that are really serious, making top-quality recipes that you might not ordinarily learn at home.” 

– Ionic’s CEO, Max Lynch


ChefSteps Ionic App


8. Diesel

The well-known Diesel brand also has their own Ionic app. It helps the merchandising team with creating reports and analyses for each Diesel store and product. Furthermore, it helps the brand to find better ways to present themselves. Because of the Ionic framework, the app is characterized with high speed and good quality UI that makes it look and feel like a native app.


Diesel Ionic App


9. Pacifica

Pacifica is an app that helps people with their anxiety and depression. To do that, it provides them with relaxation and meditation exercises, positive visualizations and daily goals. All of these are based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and mindfulness.


Pacifica Ionic App


Furthermore, the app features amazing tools such as mood trackers, verbal recording of thoughts and daily challenges.  On top of all that, the users of the app can find and communicate with other people that can help them or just share their experiences.


10. StockPlan Connect

Even more complicated apps can be built with Ionic. Let’s take for example the StockPlan Connect app. The app is targeting Morgan Stanley stock plan participants. It helps the users to view their balance, sell their shares and make forecasts for their future stock performance.



Furthermore, the app is able to present the user with an overview of important investment information with the help of interactive data visualizations. It also supports 12 languages and more than 110 currencies. Most importantly, the user can access online educational resources through the app’s Knowledge Center.


What’s more?

The Ionic framework helps you build cross-platform apps by using just a single codebase for all the mobile operating systems out there. On top of that, there are also Ionic templates that can help you build your dream app faster. Finally, there is Ionic’s official marketplace, where you can find more designs, scripts and plug-ins for your next app project.


If you drew inspiration from these apps and want to build your own, but you still don’t know how. Well, that’s why we are here to help you. So don’t hesitate and reach out to us straight away.

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