10 Most Popular WordPress Themes of 2021

By now, you may have discovered that WordPress is one of the best website builder platforms on the market. This is due to a plethora of reasons, like all of the different responsive layouts you can choose from, plugins, and so much more!


So, logically, when using this brilliant tool, one of the first features you’ll come across are its wildly popular WordPress themes. And there are so many of them!


Today, the WordPress theme repository hosts over 7.000 free and premium themes, most of them fully responsive and ready to rock your digital world. Moreover, these themes have been designed for all kinds of different business niches, all the way from blogging to technology and even gaming!


Each and every one of these themes help users to design the most attractive website possible, therefore allowing them to really enthrall their future customers.


So, let’s check them out!


Are the most popular WordPress themes worth it?

As previously mentioned, when using WordPress, you are making use of one of the best platforms for building visually appealing, attractive, and inviting web pages. And of course, these are our main goals: to work on and improve website features and attract the most desirable clients.


Popular WordPress Themes
Source: neilpatel.com


Setting up a WordPress page is an extremely simple task, with just a few mouse clicks, you will be provided with millions of options from which you can choose your favorite. And the best thing is, no prior coding knowledge is required!



But… are these popular WordPress themes the best ones to be using?


Throughout this article, this question will be answered, as you will be presented with the top 10 WordPress themes of 2021 and thus, you will be able to make up your own mind!


1. Ocean WP

One of the best things about using Ocean WP is how fast its loading time is. Not only this, but it has brilliant support for third-party plugins. All of its features can be enhanced by both free and premium plugin extensions, therefore it comes as no surprise how popular it has become.


Ocean WP
Source: youtube.com


Right now, this theme has a near-perfect five-star rating on WordPress.org, is responsive, and can support multiple languages- a dream!


Furthermore, when using Ocean WP, you are able to choose from multiple professional WordPress designs that can be imported into your web page by using its high-quality theme demo system.


2. Spencer

This is by far one of the most aesthetically pleasing WordPress themes on offer. With its flexible layout options and easy customization, making the changes you desire to your website will be as easy as pie!


Spencer WordPress Theme
Source: cssigniter.com


Another brilliant aspect of this theme is how compatible it is with other WordPress plugins. Additionally, it’s constantly updated so as to keep up with WordPress itself!


With regards to its finer details, these are several of the perks Spencer has to offer:

  • A responsive layout
  • Newsletter signup forms
  • A sticky menu that’s always available
  • Color customization
  • An above-the-fold call to action


So, if you’re ready to give Spencer a try, all you need is a domain name, a web hosting account and a copy of WordPress installed on your account, and you’re ready to go!


3. Indigo

Defined as a multi-purpose WordPress theme used for businesses and all types of organization websites, Indigo comes with an exciting assortment of features that will help you build a perfect website.


This theme allows you to select a header image for your home page, in addition to a different image for each interior page.


Indigo WordPress Theme
Source: wpzoom.com


Thanks to its integrated Social Media menu, you are able to add links to all your social media account with great ease. When enjoying this brilliant theme, don’t forget to upload your logo image!


4. Inspiro

Focused mainly on photographs and videos, this theme has a particularly modern design. Not only is it packed with all kinds of top-notch creative features, but it also includes a fullscreen slideshow that supports YouTube and self-hosted videos.


This theme is ideal for showcasing your portfolio, photographs, and videos.


Inspiro WordPress Theme
Source: mhthemes.com


Another innovative aspect of using Inspiro is its fluid, responsive layout, allowing your web page to display perfectly across all mobile devices.


With regard to its customizer, you are able to customize colors and fonts in this theme directly. Because of the partial refresh integration, you can immediately appreciate all of the changes you make to the website.


5. Struct

This theme is a beautifully set up business theme best used for software, start-ups, and mobile apps. One of the reasons it’s among the most popular WordPress themes is the fact that it can be modified to suit any business need once you own it.


Examples of Struct’s easy-to-use features are its 5 custom content types, SEO optimization, and custom widgets.


Struct WordPress Theme
Source: wpchats.com


When using this theme, you are able to control the colors of your page, drag and drop the widgets to build your concept, and give your page a professional look with great ease. More importantly, don’t forget to make sure the SEO is done right!


6. Techlink

This powerful theme is highly customizable, is Elementor (WordPress’s most popular page builder) compatible, and is equipped with versatile blog options. The main reason it is one of the most popular WordPress themes is the fact you are able to include different content formats such as audio, video, or quote.


Techlink WordPress Theme
Source: qodeinteractive.com


Techlink is also compatible with WooCommerce, allowing you to sell all your products online!


This theme is perfect for building amazing blogs, that will definitely stand out. When using Techlink, you will be able to attract all kinds of users, as it is such a versatile theme with so many different options, enjoy!


7. Elegant Themes

This theme has been on offer for 11 years, has had more than 600,000 customers, and has certainly gained a reputation. Aside from its high-quality products, another aspect that has helped attract clients is its competitive prices.


Elegant Theme WordPress
Source: wpexplorer.com


One of the most popular WordPress themes, it’s ideal for the newer WordPress users who are looking to create unique websites. Moreover, it has also become increasingly popular among professional web designers who are searching for a tool that can speed up their work process.


As has been proven, this is definitely one of the best themes on offer, so why not give it a try? You won’t regret it, that’s for sure!


8. Shapely

If what you’re searching for is a sharp, clean and clear full-width design, Shapely is the theme for you. It provides users with many striking parallax sections, a whole selection of customization tools, and a series of additional WordPress widgets to work with.


Shapely WordPress Theme
Source: wordpress.org


Furthermore, within the well-designed contact section, you are able to display a background image, a section title, social media icons, and a contact form. Although it is mainly used by bloggers, it is adaptable to many other different types of web pages and sites.


This enticing theme is packed with options and features, not only for your homepage but also for individual blog pages.


9. Uncode

Described as a multi-purpose premium WordPress theme, Uncode is able to aid users who are attempting to create any kind of website. As displayed on their page, the target audiences within this theme are the web designers and more creative people (artists, photographers, designers, etc.).


Uncode WordPress Theme
Source: undsgn.com


This is one of the more popular WordPress themes, and that is mainly due to the fact that it offers more than 70 demos (ready-to-use site templates).


If what you’re looking for is to see concrete use cases, the Uncode theme also offers a showcase with web pages created by its users. This theme has a real personality and a well-defined target. So if you fit the profile, you’ll be able to create amazing content with it!


10. Avada

This extremely popular WordPress theme is perfect for the creation of websites of any niche. Aside from the fact that it is really easy to use, it has also been filled with specific premium and design features to help improve the look of your website.


Avada WordPress Theme
Source: colorlib.com


Jokingly referred to as the swiss army knife, this theme can be used for any type of website, as it includes a series of specially designed fast demo versions.


Each of the many demos comes with its own page elements and widgets, colors, and other suitable settings. All of the demos and pre-built templates are simply there to make your life easier and website building faster.


Summing up

Selecting the best theme for your website is no easy task and our hope here at Wiredelta is that this article has made it just that little bit easier for you.



Of course, there is no right answer to which of the popular WordPress themes is the best, as each web page is different and each business unique. Our best advice to give you is that whichever WordPress theme you end up selecting, enjoy letting your creative juices flow and working on your website design.


If you have any further questions or suggestions with regard to the top WordPress themes, please let us know, we’d love to hear from you!


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