10 Most Popular WordPress Website analysis tools of 2020

If you set out to create or manage your own WordPress website, chances are that there are some issues influencing your SEO or the performance of the site. Therefore, if you aim at attracting more traffic it is crucial that you pay attention to what can be optimized. But without the right guidance, this process can be frustrating and slow. Luckily, there are lots of website analysis tools that create a report of your site’s problems and recommend some solutions. In order to help you find the most suitable one, we created a list of the 10 most popular WordPress website analysis tools of 2020.


What are Website Analysis Tools?

In many cases, a website analysis is also known simply as a site audit. The goal of this analysis is to find issues within your website and provide some sort of direction or solution on how to fix them. Depending on the tool that you use, there are many different metrics that fall under categories like SEO or performance for example.


After crawling through each page on your site, most of the website analysis tools will first give you an overall health score and then a total amount of issues those pages have. Specific issues and possible solutions should be described further in the report, but the extent of available data and features depends on the tool you choose. So let’s take a look at the best tools available today.


1. SEMrush

One of the most recognized tools available, SEMrush is one of few options where the analysis of a single tool covers all main areas of an SEO check of your WordPress website and provides detailed reports with over 130 different issues and errors. Some of these areas are for example loading speed, crawlability, issues with content or meta tags, internal linking, and even JS and CSS errors.


Additionally, it distinguishes itself by offering features like thematic reports for site performance and even International SEO. It also provides an option to track your progress and automate your reports while prioritizing the issues that need fixing. If you want to prioritize them yourself, you can use available advanced filters and Site Structure view. There is also an option to connect it with Google Analytics.


SEMrush website analysis tool
source: SEMrush


Before deciding on a purchase, you can try all of SEMrush’s main features and reports while auditing up to 100 pages. After that, you need to pay for a subscription among 3 different plans starting at $99.95 per month or save 16% when choosing to be billed annually.


2. Ahrefs

Another option among the most-trusted tools is Ahrefs. The reports it offers are not only incredibly comprehensive but also user-friendly. It crawls all of your pages and then gives you an overall health score, provides colorized and printable charts, and points out issues and solutions. Ahrefs analyses your site for more than 100 pre-defined SEO issues and automatically categorizes them.


Ahrefs website analysis tool
source: Directive Institute


You can then choose to view details specifically about performance, HTML and social tags, content quality, incoming and outgoing links, and more. Moreover, you can sort and filter the data any way that suits you, track your progress, execute JavaScript, and also analyze the mobile version of your WordPress website.


If you want to try out all of its features, you can either pay $7 for a 7-day trial or jump straight to a monthly subscription starting at $99.


3. Moz

High-quality all-in-one website analysis tool. Moz is ideal for managing your WordPress website’s health and fixing issues. It is able to crawl through the pages fast and even keeps track of not only new issues but also those that are coming back regularly. It then provides you with colorized charts with separate issue categories, shows you the total number of issues, and also which of those are new. You will see an explanation, potential impact, and solution for each of them.


After you manage those, you can instantly check if the problem has been solved. It also automatically schedules crawls for your site every week and notifies you if anything requires your attention. In the meantime, Moz is monitoring your progress and lets you see the impact of your changes both on the desktop and mobile version of your WordPress website.


Moz website analysis tool
source: Moz


Before purchasing a plan, there is a 30-day free trial available. After that, you can subscribe starting at $99 monthly or save 20% with yearly billing.


4. Neil Patel SEO Analyzer or Ubersuggest

The Neil Patel SEO Analyzer also known as Ubersuggest is one of the more affordable options out there. Just by typing in your WordPress website domain, you are able to get a basic free report on your website. It will give you information about your overall SEO score, monthly traffic, and the health of your website by checking individual pages, backlink and speed checks, and even point out specific issues. In this list, you will find the number of pages affected and both description and solution for the problem.


Neil Patel SEO Analyzer
source: Neil Patel


If you would like the tool to crawl each of your pages, you will need to upgrade. Luckily, the price is significantly cheaper than for the other tools. Moreover, you can firstly try it in your 7-day free trial or use a 30-day Money-back guarantee depending on your plan.


5. Google Search Console

This completely free tool comes also in a form of a plugin for your WordPress website. Even though Google Search Console is a free tool, it offers valuable data for your website analysis. It is mainly designed to measure your traffic and performance but also provides a way on how to identify and fix issues on your website. This will help you when you aim for better Google search results. And coming directly from Google, it can show you if it is able to effectively crawl through all your pages.


Google Search Console website analysis tool
source: Directive Institute


It also monitors the index status of your pages and lets you know if it detects incoming spam or issues. If you click on the optimization tab, you will be able to organize data and optimize HTML like meta descriptions and headers. More importantly, the Google Search Console alerts you whenever a page has issues and was not properly (or at all) indexed.


From there, you can quickly fix the issue following Google’s directions and send the page back for indexing. This is a truly unique option, that no other website analysis tool offers and is one of the main reasons the Google Search Console stands out.


6. GTmetrix 

This website analysis tool focuses mainly on performance analysis and how it affects user experience. The first thing you notice after the analysis is your performance score based on PageSpeed score and Yslow score which is an overall indicator of your performance based on a set of rules for high-performance websites.


Both of these scores will come also with some additional description of issues you need to fix in order to climb up and rank them according to their priority. Next, you will see how relative is your page loading time to the page size and the total number of requests.


GTmetrix website analysis tool
source: GTmetrix


If you would like to try out GTmetrix’s free version, you can monitor up to 3 URLs but with limited features and filters. If the tool seems suitable enough, a monthly plan with full access starts at $14.95.


7. Alexa’s Site Audit Tool

The goal of Alexa’s Site Audit tool is to increase search visibility by identifying and fixing issues on your website. It provides regular reports about On-page SEO, Crawl errors, Speed analysis and Security issues. Once the analysis is done, the tool gives you an overview of all possible specific areas you need to focus on and prepares an action plan on how to deal with them.


You can also download a report of issues you would like to prioritize. At the same time, the tool tracks your progress and shows you the impact of your changes.


Alexa's Site Audit tool
source: Alexa


You can start by subscribing to the 14-day free trial version after which, the basic plan will cost you $149 per month. However, you should know that even though this plan comes with basically full access, it only allows you to scan 1 site.


8. Seomator

This tool provides you with all that you need for every WordPress website analysis located in one place. The report shows you all issues found within 10 different categories:


Seomator website analysis tool
source: Seomator


This extensive list in the report makes Seomator one of the most effective website analysis tools available. It also offers a large variety of paying options and plans. The cheapest one starts as low as a one-time payment of $5 but limits you to a lower number of features. The rest of the plans are monthly subscriptions and offer much more. There is also an option for a 7-day free trial and a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee.


9. Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights is another Google free tool which focuses on improving your Search rankings by fixing SEO issues on your WordPress website. More specifically, it focuses on issues influencing user-experience. This website analysis tool should be useful to you when bad performance negatively affects your traffic and you need to figure out what optimizing options you have.  


Google PageSpeed Insights website analysis tool
source: Directive Institute


10. Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool

Screaming Frog SEO Spider tool is a site crawler that aims to improve your SEO by extracting data and looking for common SEO issues. Some of its main features are:


  • Finding broken links, errors, and redirects
  • Analyzing pages, titles, and Meta Data
  • Discovering duplicate content
  • Site visualization
  • Reviewing Meta Robots and Directives
  • Generating Sitemaps


Screaming Frog SEO Spider tool
source: Directive Institute


At the same time, these are also the features found in the free version which has not only restricted access to the rest of the tool, but also a Crawl Limit of 500 URL pages. However, by purchasing a full yearly license for £149.00 you would unlock an unlimited Crawl Limit and also some additional features like Scheduling, Crawl configuration, JavaScript Rendering. Moreover, you would be able to integrate your data with some other tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console and PageSpeed Insights.


Bonus Tool – The Wiredelta Website Analysis tool

And finally, as an extra treat, we would also like to introduce our very own Wiredelta website analysis tool. It will provide you with a structured list of website issues that require your attention with clear definitions for each metric. The number of reports you wish to make is not limited and is also stored so you can later see your progress. If you’re looking for a competitive analysis feature, there is also an option to compare your results side-by-side with another website.


To make the report more clear, metrics are divided into separate categories. More specifically:

  • SEO
  • Usability
  • Mobile
  • Technologies
  • Visitors
  • Performance


Wiredelta website analysis tool


If you would need any further assistance while optimizing your website, you can reach out to us via the chat button. From there, our experts will look into your report and reply to you directly. Have a real conversation with a real professional, and unleash your website’s full potential. 



Websites are like plants, they need care and attention, and constant love. So, doing frequent analysis of your WordPress website should without a doubt be a crucial and ongoing part of your strategy. There are many website analysis tools to choose from, and each of them focuses on different specific areas. As we’ve seen above, some focus on SEO, while others focus on your site’s performance, for example. 



But, you have to establish what is important for you and your users. Therefore, it is up to you to decide which seems the most suitable and will put you on the right optimization path. Hopefully, our list will prove useful to your decision. And be sure that whichever that is, we will be here to assist you in your web development efforts. So, don’t hesitate and reach out to us.

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