Wiredelta & Spiio – When Plants Meet Technology

Green walls, green roofs and interior plantscaping are becoming increasingly popular as the environmental benefits are astonishing. Additionally, a majority of people find them aesthetically pleasing. Commercial landscaping remains a staple of most businesses. However, for plantscapers, managing these plants across several locations and environments is difficult and costly. Spiio aims to save up to […]

How to Protect Your WordPress Website

With the recent WannaCry ransomware cyber attacks, security is yet again at the top of the agenda. There seems to be an upward going trend here, so time to protect your web applications! In February 2017, Wordfence reported that the top 25 attacking IPs were responsible for more than 80 million different attacks on WordPress […]

The Website Building Dictionary

You may wonder what the heck is a “Model View Controller”? What is the difference between UI and UX? Or even what on Earth is the difference between closed-source and open source? You feel like backlinking a meta description in the slug’s face of the developer talking that gibberish to you, right?   Granted folks, […]

3 Marketing Tricks to Promote Your WordPress Website

Whatever business you may be starting, you simply cannot afford not having a website. Clients need to know about you and be able to contact you at any time. Do you have a website already? Great! You took the first step to success. However, there is one more thing:   “You can spend every penny […]