Wiredelta & Mapery – Experience the World with Maps

Travelling has now become a fully-fledged leisure activity. Discovering new sceneries, gaining insights on a specific place, breaking the routine, meeting interesting people, etc., all of these are legitimate reasons for individuals to go and seek adventure around the world. By teaming up with Wiredelta®, Mapery made concrete a brilliant idea for all travellers: a mobile […]

7 Ways GDPR will affect Tech and other Businesses

Supply was once governing demand. A century ago, car buyers would rush to place an order on a standardized black and boring Ford T. And wait a few years before delivery! Nowadays, consumers have become more diversified as well as more demanding in terms of personalization. Businesses simply cannot afford not to adopt a customer-centric […]

The Era of Chatbots is Upon Us

In April 2017, we learned that no less than 100,000 chatbots were created for Facebook Messenger alone in the past twelve months. So believe it or not, there is a bot-mania going on out there. But what are they? And why are they the new fashionable tech thing right now?   Basically, chatbots are programs […]

Wiredelta & TVI – Developing Human Potential

Indeed, investing in so-called human capital can turn out to be one of the wisest decisions an employer could make.    “The most important aspects of a company are great products, great service, great relationships and a solid reputation. Without great people, none of these can exist.”   Scalable skills and capabilities, strong company culture, […]