A Complete Guide To Agile Development

In 2001, at a ski resort in Utah, seventeen leading figures in the software industry met to talk, ski, unwind and try to find common ground. What emerged was the agile ‘Software Development’ Manifesto. What is the agile methodology exactly and what is so remarkable about it? Agile is a project management methodology used within software to […]

Wiredelta & YourLocal – Fighting food waste

Following the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), approximately one-third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year is lost or wasted. That’s about 1.3 billion tons of good old food! Such a waste makes no sense in any parallel universe you might think of. Food production requires a lot of fertilizers […]

Every Website Deserves To Be Custom

93% of all purchase decisions start with a search engine search. With that in mind, every single business should consider having a website. Here are the main reasons for it: Convenience: Going online guarantees you a 24/7 visibility. Potential customers will be able to reach you any time that is suitable for them. It seems […]

HTTP vs HTTPS and why SSL is the future?

Previously we have outlined how to make your WordPress website secure, but now we go deeper into details and explain the magic behind “HTTP”, “HTTPS” and “SSL”. Today everyone exchanges information: from personal data to credit card details and identification numbers.   The security of this exchange became an extremely important matter. Cyber attacks are […]