Paid, Owned, and Earned Media: What are the Differences?

This article is originally posted on Galactic Fed. You’ve probably already heard of paid, owned, and earned media. However, you might not be sure what each of these types of media entails, or what the specific differences between them are. In this blog post, we’re going to discuss these three types of media and their […]

How to Find the Right Lawyer for Your Business

Many businesses find that having the right legal counsel is a vital part of ensuring that their transactions are fully legal, that they have the protection they need, and that any lawsuits levied on them are handled professionally. However, finding the right lawyer for your business can be a challenge for many business owners. After […]

How was Kostner Developed?

Kostner is a Cloud Savings as a Service consultancy agency using cleverly developed algorithms based on artificial intelligence technologies to reduce their clients’ costs on Cloud services for good. If it’s unclear, cloud saving refers to making the right decisions when it comes to cloud services purchased by a company in order to choose those […]

What is the Doctype declaration?

The Doctype Declarations or Document type declaration is an HTML declaration that must be written at the very top of any HTML document. This should not be confused with HTML tags, as Doctype declaration, which is the short form for document type declaration, is meant to tell the browser or the validator, what is the […]

Is Domain Registration Age important?

Domain registration age count starts from the moment a domain name is running but only after being indexed by Google. Many companies sell domains, but first, they have to be accredited by ICANN or the Internet Corporation Assigned Names and Numbers. ICANN divides, distributes, and maintains country-specific and non-country specific domain names.     So, […]

What Are Indexed Pages?

Indexed pages refer to web pages that a given search engine contains in its database, in other words in its “search index”. Page indexing is the process through which the bots of a certain search engine crawls the Internet in search of new pages, or updates on already indexed pages.    The robots, also known […]

7 Key Tips to Starting a Successful Small Business

Do you have an ingenious idea in your pocket? Is your business idea the next viral goat yoga trend? The world needs you! Whether your business is in the ideation stage or you’re ready to get the show on the road, your company’s forward momentum will depend on precise decision-making and strategy implementation. When the […]