What Are Google Web Stories?

People nowadays tend to love watching short videos or stories more than just texts, and that probably explains why “stories” on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat are getting more and more popular. And many of you must be really familiar with these already.   Some platforms provide this kind of feature, […]

Local SEO: 9 Effective Techniques to Propel Your Online Presence

If you own a local business, it is essential that you practice local SEO. That’s because it allows you to build your online presence in a specific location. As such, you can promote your products and services to local customers. Why should you do that? Because 35% of all search traffic is local. These are […]

How To Choose The Best Javascript Framework

JavaScript is becoming more and more popular. It is used on the clients-side and on the server-side. With it, you can create easy-manageable interfaces because JavaScript has prosperous functionality. Work for a developer is several times easier due to JavaScript frameworks. Ukraine developers also use these templates because they help in solving the most widespread […]

9 Most Important Tips On How To Build A Website Successfully

Any business today needs a digital presence, and there is no way to achieve that without a website. Even if you plan to develop an app for your business, as we discussed in a previous article, you still need to build a website for it to promote it online if you want it to have […]

7 Most Important Tips On How To Build An App Successfully

You are an entrepreneur and you are ready to change the world for the better, ease our lives and solve a problem with a new, ingenious mobile app idea. But where do you start, and how do you make sure that your mobile application will rock the market?   If you are in this situation, […]

How to Build a Winning Virtual Team

As a result of the current circumstances the world is in right now, many companies and organizations are working remotely to continue the growth of their businesses. This means most of their employees are working from the comfort of their homes in the form of virtual teams that do their best to help the company […]

How Do Project Estimations Work In Agile Development?

If you ever planned a digital project with an Agile development agency, you are already familiar with the term project estimation. So, you know that when a web development agency provides you with a “price” for your project it is not a fixed one. It is, as the name indicates, an estimation – or their […]