9 Most Common Mistakes Project Managers Make

If you ever built a website or an app for your business, you probably hired a web development agency to help you out. And when you did, you met with a project manager, whose job was to make sure your needs are met.   More specifically, project managers are responsible for: Scoping your project, i.e. […]

Can Your Website get a 100 Score on PageSpeed Insights?

As any business owner out there, you want your website to be the first one that appears on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) whenever potential users have an issue your company solves. And there are a plethora of factors that help you achieve this goal, one of them being your score on PageSpeed Insights. […]

Addressing Security Issues in the Era of Business Agility

The market today is becoming more demanding, competitive pressure is growing. It all leads to an innovation race and aggressive competition for the attention of the customer. The modern economy is going through a stage of digitalization: not only services but also many traditional products are becoming digital. Traditionally organized companies do not always fit […]

5 Steps – Brand Development Strategies to grow your professional business

A brand is perhaps a professional services firm’s most valued asset. Therefore, it is very important to develop a stronger brand to grow the professional business.    Any professional services brand can be best understood from the firm’s reputation and its prominence in the marketplace. The strength of the brand can be taken as Reputation […]

7 Common Myths About Working With A Web Development Agency

You are an entrepreneur and just started your own business, or you are the CEO of a multinational corporate company. Regardless, you and your business need a website if you ever hope to compete in the digital world. And for that, you might want to consider hiring a professional web development agency or a freelancer. […]

Facebook Blender Is What Chatbots Have Been Craving

Chances are, you probably have experienced talking to a chatbot when you wanted to buy something from an online store without even realizing it. Or, maybe you could feel that it was not customer service replying to you since the sentences were weird sometimes and you didn’t get the answer you were looking for.    […]

19 Business Owners Sharing the Most Common Early Stage Business Mistakes

Being an entrepreneur seems like the best job you can have. You have an amazing business idea, entrepreneurial spirit and confidence that things will work out right away. New entrepreneurs need to have this belief to succeed, but too much naivety can come at a high cost. Unfortunately, only a few people who jumped into […]

12 Common Mistakes a Web Development Agency Makes

If you have ever worked with a development agency, you might have noticed, they are not perfect. But no one is and everyone makes mistakes. Web development agencies are not an exception.   However, it is a bit different for development houses because, as technology evolves – and it is an industry that is evolving […]

Top Visual Marketing Strategies: Photography vs Videography

Visual marketing should be a part of every brand’s strategy due to the many benefits it provides. It helps set you apart, can get more attention and visibility, and will surely help your overall marketing efforts. Two of the most popular types of visual marketing are videography and photography. Videography is all about capturing a […]