4 Types of Software That Commercial Development Teams Need

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With a multitude of tools capable of streamlining modern business processes, it’s important to equip teams with the right ones to ensure they can be as productive as possible.

For those dealing with commercial development projects, a combination of industry-specific solutions and generally useful services makes sense, and we’ve put together some examples of the software to look out for in this context.


Communication Software

We live in an age of cutting edge developments in the realm of communication, and there are tons of great platforms out there to facilitate this. From straightforward instant messaging and virtual meeting packages like Zoom and Slack, to full-blown virtual reality suites, you can pick and choose from an array of options on the market today.

As with any choice you make for business software, the key is to ensure that it’s used uniformly across the team. You don’t want some members getting together via one platform, while others use another. This can lead to siloing, which can be avoided through establishing clear guidelines and best practices.


Real Estate Development Software

We mentioned that industry-specific software is needed in the development of commercial real estate, and that’s what we’re talking about here.

The latest solutions are capable of ensuring that teams can make data-driven decisions, staying on top of everything from budgeting to scheduling and beyond. For example, Northspyre’s software is tuned towards commercial real estate projects of all shapes and sizes, empowering teams to bring them in on time and under budget, rather than suffering from overspending, waste and delays.


Data Storage Software

If you hadn’t guessed by this point, the majority of the software options that are of most use to commercial development teams are either partly or wholly based in the cloud, and that’s certainly true of data storage services that are suited to this type of operation.

Again, a plethora of mainstream providers offer compelling options in this category, and it’s a case of matching the needs of your team with an appropriate package.

One point to note here is that it’s helpful to consider the integration capabilities of any cloud-powered storage platform. If it’s compatible with the other tools you’re using, then it will obviously be much more convenient. If not, it could hamper productivity rather than helping to improve it.

Also remember that it’s not just the tools you choose, but how you use them. There’s no point having cutting edge storage at your disposal if you aren’t maximizing its abilities to help with mission-critical data backup, for example.


Design Software

For commercial projects to move from concept to completion, design software must be brought to bear on the ideas dreamt up by the creatives at the wheel.

This type of software is useful for all sorts of purposes, from visualizing initial concepts and making presentations to pitch to clients, to carrying out risk assessments and ensuring safety before a single brick has been laid.

Platforms like AutoCAD, VectorWorks Architect, Space Designer 3D and many more are riding high on a wave of interest and adoption happening globally.

The top solutions are geared towards facilitating collaboration between team members and across departments, so look out for these features.


Final Thoughts

In the right hands, software is immensely influential and powerful, creating situations in which commercial development projects that would have been impossible to realize in the past are suddenly attainable.

That’s why training should never be neglected when picking and choosing from these services, as without it you’ll leave team members unnecessarily limited in what they can achieve.

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