5 Different Ways AI Images Are Already Being Used – and 3 Future Possibilities

5 Different Ways AI Images Are Already Being Used - and 3 Future Possibilities - Featured Image

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Artificial intelligence is no longer a sci-fi pipe dream, but a practical reality in all sorts of professional contexts.

Its ability to process and generate images is especially impressive, so let’s look at how this technology is already being put to use, and where it might take us in the future.


Automated Photo Editing: How AI Is Revolutionizing Image Retouching

With the power of AI photo editing, it’s a breeze to enhance any image without needing to be an editing expert.

By using specialized algorithms, AI-powered photo editors are able to detect subtle elements in an image that can be improved or removed altogether. This allows pros or amateurs to create stunning visuals without having to manually edit each one.

From removing blemishes and cleaning up backgrounds, to adding filters and making adjustments, AI accelerates and simplifies lots of lynchpin aspects of image editing.


Try Out Creating Your Own Images Using AI: Take Control of Your Creative Vision

The latest and greatest tools mean that anyone can now create beautiful images with AI, effectively allowing for professional-quality content to be produced from scratch, even by those without art or graphic design skills.

From digital artworks and illustrations, to 3D objects and animations, anything is achievable thanks to this technology. Even mockup generators are now available if you want to create designs for products you want to sell. These generators offer a quick and easy way to create product mockups, allowing for more efficient and streamlined design processes.

This can then be applied to all sorts of projects, from digital marketing campaigns to film productions and beyond. And of course the key selling point is that most of these tools are freely available to anyone, so there’s no excuse to avoid experimenting, even if you aren’t a professional in a conspicuously relevant field right now.


Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence in Advertising: The Future Of Visual Media?

Augmented reality (AR) and AI visual media are quickly becoming the new normal for promotional purposes. By combining cutting-edge technologies with immersive visuals, advertisers can now create engaging experiences that capture their audiences’ attention like never before.

From interactive displays powered by facial recognition software, to dynamic models created using AI, these tools not only make for more effective campaigns, but also provide a glimpse into what’s set to become possible in the months and years to come.


AI Images in Architecture: A World of Possibilities

Architects are always on the hunt for new ways to design the buildings of tomorrow. With AI-powered image analysis, designers can now quickly and accurately produce stunning visuals that capture their vision.

Professionals in this field are able to create photorealistic images that simulate real environments with incredible accuracy. From creating the initial designs based on abstract concepts, to predicting how a building will look after its completion, these tools offer limitless possibilities when it comes to concocting beautiful spaces.

Again, it’s not about taking the human expert out of the equation altogether, but rather about enhancing their ability to work effectively and productively. This applies to architecture and any other field where AI images are being used, or will be soon.


Fashion and AI: A Fresh Perspective

Fashion designers that want to stay ahead of the rest of the market can do so with AI-driven image analysis and generation. Industry professionals can now quickly identify patterns in data that would otherwise go unnoticed, and also give their latest projects that creative spark.

Today’s fashion houses are able to create collections that reflect current trends while still having their own unique style. From predicting upcoming fashions to creating digital avatars and using mockup generators, to rapidly producing promotional campaigns, the potential benefits are many and varied.


The Future Uses of AI Images: What Comes Next?

We’re really only at the beginning of the AI image revolution, so it’s safe to say that we have yet to see the full extent of the impact it will have, or the true scope of the areas it will influence. 

Some examples of changes were likely to see going forward include:

  • Interior design – products like wallpaper, furniture and entire interior design projects themselves, stand to flourish thanks to AI-generated imaging
  • Stock images – the age of needing to rely on expensive stock image libraries to produce images for internal documentation, external brochures and online content is likely to come to a close, or at least be significantly disrupted
  • Automotive – designs of cars will inevitably be shaped by AI tech in years to come, even if it is ultimately human experts who have the final say


Final Thoughts

Perhaps the most noteworthy aspect of AI imaging tech as it stands today is that it isn’t pigeonholed within one particular industry or sector. Instead it’s both accessible and relevant to every niche at the same time. It’s just a case of seeing which businesses and individuals are quickest to adopt it, and what the result of this early pivoting might be.

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