5 Reasons To Choose A Development House Over A Freelancer

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), there are about 18.5 million software developers worldwide. Out of these 18.5 million, your company must choose who should build your website or mobile app. You can either hire an individual freelancer or a web development company. Who will it be?

A freelancer is usually quick and cheap but at the expense of good quality. Also, a freelancer must handle extra work when building a client’s digital product. This will disappoint you when you’re about to do launch and scale, finding yourself locked to one person’s quick fixes.

However, don’t bring out the tissues and ice cream just yet! There is still time to fix this situation. All you need to do is switch from freelance employment to hiring a software development company like Wiredelta®. It’s just that simple.

Wiredelta solely exists to make your company a living legend. So, our development gurus brainstormed five key reasons why a software development company is better than a freelancer when it comes to building a product.

1. Don’t spread too thin

Companies are development powerhouses, rich with all sorts of experts sharing knowledge and working on complex projects. They are like bees making honey for the greater good of their hive. Company leaders assign project bits to specialists who can polish these web masterpieces. Working with a “beehive” of dedicated teams is much more flexible; they can freely make changes to handle multiple projects at once.

However, a freelancer will find themselves in a tough spot. They must either do everything themselves at a slow pace or outsource their work to ballsy peers. At the same time, freelancers have more money problems. They waste tons of precious time with business politics when they should only be focused on developing. 

2. Less exposed to the “bus factor”

What the hell is that, exactly? Well, we have something in Wiredelta called the “bus factor”. God forbid one of our employees ever got hit by a bus, we would still have other team members who can step up to cover the extra work. With a freelancer on the other hand, a bus can kill a project as quickly as it can kill a person.

Let’s use Wiredelta as an example of how efficient a web development company can be with structured teams. Wiredelta has offices located in several different time zones, in countries like India, France, the UK, the UAE, and Colombia. Therefore, there are hardly any hours throughout the day where development work doesn’t happen in Wiredelta. Just like the Internet never sleeps, the same goes for Wiredelta! Think of it like a dinner with late hours, but instead of food, you get delicious new web and mobile applications served all day!

3. Broader and deeper know-how

Success breeds more success. Wiredelta employees are carefully selected from an intense recruitment process. Their collective expertise and passion always outmatch that of one freelancer.

Web agencies carry all sorts of geniuses. Some employees might be exceptional Javascript or NodeJS developers. Others might be Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator artists. There might even be e-commerce experts or digital marketing wizards, too. They are each black belts at what they do, and to have a whole team of them is an unmatched technological force.

Employee certifications matter a lot. Companies screen their employees for their clients because they are very picky about who they hire. They simply do not want random Joe Schmoes working for them, and can easily spot them. Clients have the same goals, but it can be demanding to screen freelancers all by yourself.

Simply put, a company with five developers is more efficient than five freelancers working separately. The concentrated effort is stronger in the former. There is an exponential power in the number of employees, and companies have that power in their grasp. That combined with a Wiredelta AI developer assistant boosts productivity!


4. Companies use the latest available tools

Martial artists and companies have one thing in common. They polish their craft and seek to improve themselves every single day. If not, they disappear. There is a set standard for quality development at companies that freelancers have to compromise on given limited resources (time, money, employee numbers). The best software companies do not take quality control and testing lightly. There are rigorous checklists which make the development process nothing short of perfect. Companies know that doing a job right the first time instead of rushing it can save a lot of time spent on a key feature.

A company is like a library and a freelancer is like a book. While both useful, which one do you think is more likely to have the exact solution to a problem? Companies have an advantage when it comes to having lots of open source libraries. Let’s use an example where an average developer has worked with 50 libraries. In that case, a freelancer knows of 50 libraries that can do the job, while a company with 10 employees will know about 500 libraries to serve your needs. In other words, a company gives you more bang for your buck when choosing the right tools for the right job. Or as software calls it, the right library for the right feature.

5. Companies have a brand to protect

Companies know image is everything. With one happy client comes five new ones, and so on. That is how service companies grow! Freelancers grow their client bases in the same way, but they are not exposed to review sites like Trustpilot and Glassdoor that can tremendously affect growth. In many ways, freelancers’ work goes largely unnoticed, which is something companies cannot afford in today’s marketplace.

So why take the risk of getting low-quality freelance work with surprise costs and legal risks to boot? Companies will help feed your appetite for mind-blowing web and app development work. With our blessing, feel free to have some beauty sleep and rest those tired eyes of yours. We’ll take care of the rest!



Let’s wrap this up. No matter what type of website or application you want, it is very tempting to seek out freelancers because of their supposed benefits. Nevertheless, those “benefits” usually include extra unforeseen consequences. They take the form of extra fees, fishy source code, shady qualifications, and result in business-related nightmares.

Companies will celebrate when they choose a hard-working company like Wiredelta as a one-stop shop for businesses. Companies like Wiredelta will create the best possible custom website and/or app for you, without extra problems.

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