WD Team


Mark Dencker
Partner & CEO
Aske Buemann
Partner & CFO
Aaron Morley
Partner & COO
Daniela Todorova
Partner & Projects Director
Christiane Patton
Head of HR


Adrian Gavrilescu
Full Stack Developer
Andrei Dogaru
Full Stack Developer
David Gamote
Full Stack Developer
Martin Genchev
Front End Developer
Petru Birzu
Full Stack Developer
Sorin Fratila
Front End Developer
Stilyan Rusev
Front End Developer & Designer
Alex Lenta
Front End Developer
Artjoms Turks
Front End Developer
Elif Özefe
Front End Developer
Camilla Corsetti
Front End Developer
Berenike Hegedus
Front End Developer
Constantin Tarau
Back End Developer
Nijesh W
Full Stack Developer
Maheswari V
Front End Developer
Rajan S
Front End Developer
Rajarathinam M
Unit Manager
Saravana N
Back End Developer
Senthil R
Unit Manager
Athira K
Back End Developer
Kowsika M
Front End Developer

Business & Admin

Mattias Tastum
Project Manager
Claudiu Negroiu
Junior Project Manager
Alina Firica
Project Manager
Michael Iljin
Marketing Assistant
Daniela Sulova
Marketing Assistant
Rehan Sodher
Finance Assistant

WD Board

Michael Gaarmann
Kim Schrøder
Partner & Board Member


Wiredelta is founded in 2012 in India, and a year later registered HQ in Denmark

Training Institute

Wiredelta sets up a training courses to educate the next generation of coders and builders, hiring only the best.


Truly Global

With clients in Europe, mainly situated in Denmark, Wiredelta starts working with clients from USA and UAE.


By end of 2013, Wiredelta had worked on projects with more than 50 clients and graduated 150, employing more than 100 people.


Bigger Contracts

With a solid portfolio, Wiredelta successfully signs the first €100,000 project and strikes new alliances worldwide!



With bigger projects come bigger investments to build out a state-of-the-art development stack.



As Wiredelta focuses on web and mobile development, strong alliances are built into a network to offer full-service.


World Domination

With a world-class team and state-of-the-art processes, we are ready to take on any project out there…

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Is Facebook Building a Digital Version of You?

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How will AI affect jobs and cost of living?

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Is technology accelerating?

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Showreel 2014 – 2015

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Showreel 2013 – 2014

Operating for
7 Years
Wiredelta has
2 Offices
Clients in
18 Countries
Web Apps
200 Web Apps
Mobile Apps
50 Mobile Apps
Digital Campaigns
25 Campaigns
Motion Graphics
4 Projects
Project Managers
4 Managers
30 Developers
2 Designers
Ad & SEO Experts
2 Experts
Staff from
11 Countries