Wiredelta & Cykelbanditten – Buying a Bike Online Made Easy

In Denmark, the most popular way of commuting is riding a bike, with Danes travelling on average 1.6km by bike daily. Approximately 26% of all trips are made by bike, and 9 out of 10 Danes own a bike. All over Denmark between 2009 and 2014, more than 268 million euros have been invested in 338 […]

Wiredelta & Alter London – Custom Webshop for Bespoke Furniture Brand

This London-based furniture company is featured in high-end hotels, restaurants, and penthouses around the world. They even furnished Saxo Bank founder, Lars Seier’s mansion in Switzerland! They specialize in beautiful, high-end, bespoke furniture. Their furniture line emphasizes functionality yet remains exquisite. While some items are available for immediate delivery, a majority of their products are […]

Wiredelta & Beach Glam – Find your Beach style

Beach Glam is a beachwear and beach accessories brand, which started in 2012 headquartered in New York City. The company offers a large array of products for women such as tunics, headbands, jewellery, hats, bags, bundles and so on.   The brand was created by Ama Addae, after discovering just how much women love mixing […]

Wiredelta & Bid&Get – An online bidding system

For centuries, goods have been auctioned off to hopeful bidders in open marketplaces, closed exclusive biddings, and of recent, on online portals. The classic way of bidding in an auction is to start low, and then slowly but surely move up as bidders compete to get a particular good of their desire.   Bid&Get flipped […]

Wiredelta & City Space – Getting the most out of the available space

Ever been to a pop-up event or a limited edition exhibition somewhere? Imagine having to plan that, typically in a foreign city. If you are ever planning an outdoor event or a pop-up store somewhere in the city, you probably don’t know where to look to rent commercial property. It is not so easy to find […]

Wiredelta & Fit-Living – Health Products Online

We already know what is the difference between E-commerce and M-commerce, from one of our articles. Let’s have a look at a real case about building a Fit-living e-commerce site! Shapefocus is an e-commerce business helping others sell products online in multiple European countries. They are building landing pages for them and hosting these landing […]