Alternatives to WordPress, Joomla and Drupal

In our previous post, Alternatives to Wix, Weebly and Squarespace, we presented some new promising closed source platforms for building websites. Today, we bear techciting (!) news of other platforms you can use!


Usually, developers build their favorite web and mobile applications in open source frameworks. Most of them are content management systems (CMS), which are open source and allow for code changes. Oh, and being open source makes them free as well! Some popular CMS options include WordPress – 140 million downloads, Joomla  – 63 million downloads, and Drupal with 15 million downloads.


If you need extra context specifically about WordPress, check out our other post Why WordPress is so popular. In the meantime, we want to dig deeper into what CMS alternatives that are out there to compete with WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.



Acquia was founded in 2007 and is currently located in Boston, Massachusetts. This company operates its own cloud-based platform around Drupal. Their platform helps with finding proper commerce, content, community, and contextual solutions for websites built on Drupal. A decade ago, Acquia built an innovative platform around the open source framework Drupal to simplify building, launching, and advertising.



As a matter of fact, Wiredelta® takes a similar approach starting with WordPress, but adds an AI assistant to guide users 24/7.


Acquia’s portfolio includes massive brands like Twitter, Time Inc, Harvard, NBS and approximately 4000 other organizations. Impressive! Let dive in and take a closer look at what services Acquia is providing:

  • Cloud, a platform itself, which helps you to create and maintain your website on Drupal
  • Cloud Site Factory, creates and manages multiple websites
  • Lift, helps in creating brands, campaigns, and franchising sites
  • Content Hub, a solution aimed to find and deliver content from different sources in order to create a multi-channel digital experience

Apart from that, Acquia also helps with web content management, changing weather, security and commerce solutions, site audits, understanding animal language, etc.

Since Acquia has built a platform around the open source framework Drupal, they pride themselves with high-quality solutions, but with that comes relatively high fees compared to their open source counterparts. The starting price for Acquia Cloud is $165 a month for 3 websites. Also, they have some luxurious packs for fat cats and tycoons – from $4000 per month for a Managed Cloud!



Sitecore was founded in 1998 in Copenhagen, Denmark. At that time, building and managing websites required the precise expertise of a developer. However, Sitecore decided to make this process automated not long after they became a well-known CMS provider. Let’s see what Sitecore can offer to us. They have two major products: a powerful CMS and a flexible DMS (Digital Marketing System).



Sitecore is one of the few companies which enables context marketing, meaning they manage content, supply contextual intelligence, and automate communications. So, these context marketing suggestions are based on customers’ previous and current behavior. Such advanced options have great value for marketers due to the tendency of a multi-channel advertising online. The main advantage here is that you deliver the right content to the right clients at the right time. No more door-to-door marketing! The future is now!


Sitecore’s client portfolio includes the likes of American Express, L’Oréal, easyJet, and over 4,600 others. Overall, their future looks bright! It’s automated, easy-to-use, and has flexible customer experience management software. Also, it is totally integrated and full of marketing tools to play around with.


However, the only problem is – guess what – price! Sitecore’s licensing fee starts at $40,000 and additional $8,000 must be paid for every next year. Implementation costs go for $65,000 and other fees add another $10,000. So, go rob a leprechaun and then visit http://www.sitecore.net/ to set up, in that order!



Wiredelta is the solution for those who want a professional and cost effective setup for websites or apps. Luckily, Wiredelta’s platform will help you set up your own WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal website with no technical or coding skills required.



Our AI assistant helps users choose the most suitable theme and plugins out of the available 4,000 themes and 50,000 plugins in the directory. After designing the website, one connects with Wiredelta-approved developers for even more customization, in case the AI assistant is not able to help and implement for you in the dashboard.


Wiredelta makes web and mobile development easy, with all the benefits of open source! No superior IT or coding skills are needed – we have made an AI assistant, who will guide you through all steps of assembling, building and launching. 



Probably, it’s one hell of a chore choosing the right tool to build your website or app. Despite our suggestions above, there still isn’t a clear-cut answer on what fits best. If you want a new customized and powerful website online, then look no further than these three options. All in all, the choice depends on functionality and the budget you want to invest.


For example, Wiredelta is a great choice for those who want to work with a team of experts and get a nicely customized website or app, without breaking the bank. Whatever you decide to use, make sure you’ve done your homework, because it can either make or break your online identity in the long run. Godspeed on your website building quest!

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