How To Keep Your Business Data Safe When Working With Remote Teams?

In today’s business climate, it is not enough to have a good product or service. You also need a strong brand and an engaged customer base for your company’s longevity. The best way to do that is by making sure you have great employees who will give their best to make the company progress. 

However, with more companies going remote due to modern technology, this has become increasingly difficult to uphold high-security data standards. This is a big problem for companies trying to stay on top of things and keep their data safe and secure. Here is the breakdown of things.

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VPN Usage

VPN is becoming an outdated solution for connecting to the work servers. As companies have been going virtual to cut costs, there is a growing issue regarding the security of company data. For an employee to remain connected, they will need a working internet connection and a server located away from the company’s mainframe servers.
This poses problems since their computers are entirely exposed outside of the safety of the internal network. It isn’t necessarily the nature of VPN itself but more of the people who are using it, leaving it up to the employees to know what they should and shouldn’t be doing when it comes to their internet connection. 

The team at Triofox.com guides on how to access the workplace server without using VPN. If an employee isn’t careful, then they could be giving strangers access to your company’s entire data system.

What is the Risk of a Remote Employee Accessing Your Company Data from Public WiFi?

Many companies that allow their employees to work remotely assume that the risk of an employee accessing company data from public WiFi is low because they assume it would be easier for someone to access this information using a desktop or laptop. 

However, modern technology has evolved so much that many people have apps on iPhones and other handheld devices where they can use the WiFi of a local coffee shop and access their company’s data on it. 

This is a very high-risk situation because if someone were to hack into that network, they would access all your company data.

Phishing Scams

The most common threat to companies that use remote employees is phishing scams. Hackers take advantage of people who aren’t familiar with the company’s protocols, and they will find ways to access information through them. 

The scary part about this scam is how easy it is for them to do so. These hackers create a scam that appears to be from the company’s server, and they make it look like it is an official email asking them to click on a link where they will get additional information.

The Importance of Using Strong Passwords

One way to further mitigate the risk of someone accessing your company data from public wifi is by having strong passwords and two-factor authentication. The stronger your password, the more difficult it will be for hackers to access your company data. 

However, two-factor authentication will make sure all of your employees’ apps are protected. If someone tried to log into an employee’s account, it would then ask that person for a password and a code generated by an app on the employee’s phone.

There are many ways to encrypt sensitive company data, including on the device itself, server-side encryption, or the cloud. 

Protecting your business data with encryption is an innovative security move on any company’s part because it makes this sensitive information inaccessible if someone were to access it.

It is essential to protect your business data, and it’s even more critical that you establish a secure WiFi network to keep all sensitive information inaccessible.

You should also take steps like using strong passwords, two-factor authentication, and encryption technology to prevent hackers from accessing company data from public wifi connections or phones/laptops that are lost/stolen.

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