How startups and e-commerce businesses can weather an economic downturn and grow

Flashback to the financial crisis of 2008 that hit the business world like a tsunami, many businesses were left struggling to stay afloat in the troubled waters. Among the notable companies that seem to have weathered the storm is Amazon.    As most merchants were counting losses and closing shops, Amazon reported profits and was […]

5 ideas that start-ups and e-commerce businesses can tap into for success

This may sound like a cliché now, but I find the tale of how David brought the mighty giant that terrorized the ancient Israelites at one point timeless. David was small in stature compared to the giant and ill-equipped for the battle at hand. However, David, a novice in battle summoned courage, unconventional wisdom, tactics, […]

How Business Influencers can help you to grow your startup

Truth be told, big businesses around the world have at one time or another contracted services of experts in their niche to fulfil their goals such as scaling their business, launching their products and services into new markets, or growing a brand and so forth. These experts and consultants are what we refer to here […]

How was Google Drive Developed?

How was Google Drive developed? There is no straight textbook answer on the development of Google Drive. Also, there is no story as we’ve seen with Google Maps. But that’s not to say that this story is not interesting. Far from it.   Google Drive is such a complex and intricate system, it is absolutely […]

What is encoding in web development?

Encoding in web development is the process of transforming data from one format into another agreed-upon universal code system/scheme. The code system has one or a combination of characters such as numbers, letters, symbols, and any other existing characters.   Those that are responsible for creating any given universal coding system have assigned each character […]

What is Page Loading Time?

Page loading time is the amount of time measured in seconds that it takes for a browser to request, fetch, and display a web-page from the server(s).   One should not be surprised when different pages on the same website have different loading times. Page load time differs also depending on what browser one is […]

What is Language in HTML?

Language in HTML means declaring or making an attribute in an HTML document for the specific language(s) in which you publish your content on a website or page. The language attribute in HTML is composed of two parts, namely the HTML tag or <html>tag and the language part which is abbreviated as lang.     […]

What is WHOIS data?

The confusing definition is that WHOIS data is information stored in a WHOIS database that ICANN regulates. But, what is WHOIS and what type of data does it’s database carry? For starters, WHOIS is not an acronym, but rather a pun for ‘whose domain name is this?’.     Simply put, WHOIS is an example […]

What is the Doctype declaration?

The Doctype Declarations or Document type declaration is an HTML declaration that must be written at the very top of any HTML document. This should not be confused with HTML tags, as Doctype declaration, which is the short form for document type declaration, is meant to tell the browser or the validator, what is the […]