How to Drive Social Media Traffic to your App

Social media is eating media. It is not enough to develop a killer app, you need to tell the world about it. If nobody knows about your app – how will it generate any revenue for you? Do not adopt widespread developer mindset of – “we build it and they will come”. That never works. […]

How to Develop an App From Scratch

Just about everybody, including grandma, seems to be developing a mobile app these days. This comes as no surprise considering success the likes of Facebook, Uber, Snapchat and many others saw over the last few decades. People think they are going to come up with the next big thing, and some of them indeed do. […]

Web Development Trends NOT to Follow 2019

We have recently brought you web development trends to watch out for in 2019. Now, we want to follow it up with trends you as a developer might consider skipping this year. Knowing what you can not do sometimes is more important than knowing what you can do. Jumping on certain bandwagons and hype trains […]

Introducing the SEO Developer

The term SEO developer is not widely used. But from time to time you might come across it and wonder what the role is talking about. In a nutshell, it is just a fancy way of saying a developer who is mindful of Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short. We touched upon what SEO […]

Our Reliance on Technology

Here at Wiredelta, technology is our bread and butter. It allows us to help people by taking their wild ideas and making functioning products out of them. Sometimes we wonder though, what if these magical powers that technology gives us were to be taken away?   It is not a secret at this point that […]

Everything You Should Know When Choosing Your SSL

Nowadays, internet security and SSL go hand in hand.   We have already established why SSL is the future in our HTTP vs HTTPS article. A quick reminder, SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. In very simple terms it confirms your website’s identity to your visitors. With that out of the way, we want to […]

Neuralink and the Future of Intelligence

Everybody’s favorite genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist Elon Musk has been raising concerns about the rapid rise of Artificial Intelligence for a while now. Musk thinks that superintelligent AI is one of the biggest existential threats to humanity. However, by his own admission that warning fell on deaf ears – “I was trying to really sound […]

M-commerce vs e-commerce

As the world moves toward convenience, the topic of m-commerce succeeding e-commerce is all that much more relevant. But let’s slow down a bit. What do any of these words actually mean? E-commerce refers to a way of selling and purchasing goods. Where the transaction takes place electronically via the internet. Whereas Mobile Commerce—also known […]

10 Most Popular AngularJS Websites of 2019

We continue our 10-most-popular series with the most popular websites built with AngularJS. Don’t forget to check out our previous articles – 10 Most Popular Electron Apps and 10 Most Popular ReactJS Websites. While we are on the subject of AngularJS, we felt it would be prudent to compare the crucial differences between Angular and […]

Building Mobile Apps – Flutter, React Native, Ionic or Xamarin?

We already introduced you to cross-platform mobile development and its advantages over native. We also mentioned some of the popular frameworks in this space. Now, we want you to know what to consider before choosing between Flutter, React Native, Ionic, Xamarin for your next cross-platform mobile development project.   The programming language It is imperative […]