10 Most Popular eCommerce Themes for WordPress of 2020

When it comes to eCommerce themes for WordPress, whether you are building an online store for someone, or you are a business owner trying to switch the business and sales to the online world, it can be exhausting to go through all the existing themes WordPress has for to offer and choosing the one.


There are so many of those themes out there, but we took that challenge and looked for the most popular eCommerce themes for WordPress for you. The ones that have the best features, plugin options, remain optimized, and have better than good reviews from actual users.


Here are our 10 picks that we hope will help you choose the theme that suits your needs the best!


1. Flatsome

Flatsome is the number one best-selling WooCommerce theme at the moment with a huge number of positive reviews and more than 3000 five-star ratings on ThemeForest! 


Even though this seems like another one of the many eCommerce themes for WordPress available, Flatsome can actually also be used for other businesses such as corporate, agency, or lifestyle. No matter what kind of business it’s used for, users seem to love it. It has all the tools you need to create a fast and responsive website with an incredible user experience. 


The Flatsome theme has many cool features and probably that’s why it has become the number one selling eCommerce theme for WordPress today. One of the top features being Live Page Builder with element library. That means that Flatsome incorporates a live WordPress page builder, with which you can build practically anything on your website and it has a generous element library.


eCommerce Themes for WordPress - Flatsome

Source: ThemeForest


Apart from that, there is also a Live Theme Options panel and a drag and drop header builder that lets you customize anything according to your needs and preferred taste.


Flatsome theme is also speed optimized, thanks to minimal and optimized codes it is one of the fastest loading WordPress themes out there.


In addition to everything else, this theme is designed with intuitive UX in mind and giving your users or customers the best experience possible while surfing. 


It provides over 300 premade layouts and sections so you are able to build your site as fast as possible. The theme has an integrated slider and banner system for creating beautiful sliders, it has Mailchimp integration to connect with your users, and WPML for creating your site in different languages. Other features like Live Search option, Product Page Builder, My Account Page for user profiles, are just a few from many this theme has to offer. So if you are interested in the Flatsome theme you can purchase it for $59. 


2. Porto

Porto is a multi-purpose and the second best-selling theme for building an eCommerce website through WordPress. Its popularity is in fact that it’s a perfect theme for beginners and professionals. 


Porto theme includes more than 95 pre-built websites with over 30 demos for eCommerce. With just a single click you are able to import any demo and start building your suite in no time. The most crucial benefit of choosing this theme is performance on low-level servers. So, whether you go with dedicated or shared hosting, Porto performs the same. 


eCommerce Themes for WordPress - Porto

Source: ThemeForest


Porto is also great for its built-in rich snippets for reviews. It offers a Mega Menu option to users and has a three-level drop-down menu with a strong header builder. Another good thing about the Porto theme is the ease of searching it provides for the site’s visitors, with integrated AJAX filtering. Like Flatsome, Porto is available for $59.


3. Astra

Astra, just like Porto, is another multi-purpose and widely popular theme on WordPress. What makes it stand out is its full customizability and rich features. There are also some features like Loading Speed that just make this theme ideal for eCommerce stores. 


The Loading Speed is one of the most important features when it comes to building an eCommerce store and it also affects Google ranking


eCommerce Themes for WordPress - Astra

Source: WordPress.org


Astra theme lets you customize even the smallest details of your online store to make it exactly as you want. To provide an easy and smooth product showcase experience for your customers, this theme is packed with Infinite Scroll options. An Off-Canvas sidebar is attached to this eCommerce theme, so you can add filters to help your customers find a product faster. 


Then there is a Quick View, which lets the customer get an idea of how the product is without displaying all of its descriptions. Customizing the width selection, both vertically and horizontally, can be done in the Gallery option feature. The best thing about Astra is that is available for free, but if you wish you are able to upgrade and add other features for $59.


 4. WoodMart

Another very popular choice in our list of eCommerce themes for WordPress websites is WoodMart. Liked by many for its clean design and numerous helpful features. 


The theme is suitable for all kinds of online stores and helps you build quality eCommerce sites with a user-friendly interface. 


WoodMart comes with free demos which means you can avail of some of its features without the cost. 


eCommerce Themes for WordPress - WoodMart

Source: ThemeForest


WoodMart’s theme comes with many customization options. If your site requires simplicity, usability, and high-level readability, WoodMart is the way to go because it will compliment your website in every aspect.


Some of its main features include Advanced Visualisation, SEO, Drag and Drop Header Builder tool, Theme Setting Panel or Retina-Ready option that brings high resolution to content. And its price is also $59.


5. XStore

XStore is simple and makes eCommerce easy. With this theme, you can create an online store that is trustworthy, user-friendly, and looks professional thanks to stunning UI.


eCommerce Themes for WordPress - XStore

Source: ThemeForest


XStore has over 90 ready-to-go and customizable stores for literally anything, from electronics to food. The theme is compatible with the most popular multi-vendor plugins that will help you create a top-performing marketplace. 


The theme’s homepage features a Dark Scheme effect that not only elevates the user experience but also gives your online store a sophisticated look. For XStore a language is definitely not a limit, because it comes with translation files to make the creation of a multilingual webshop possible. You can get it for $39 and that’s a good deal.


6. Goya

Very modern and minimalist option, Goya takes eCommerce themes for WordPress to a whole new level, providing you with all the features to run successful online stores. Goya’s style was specifically designed to showcase products and increase sales. 


eCommerce Themes for WordPress - Goya

Source: ThemeForest


The layout is packed with useful tools like Quick View, Login Popup, MiniCart, Modal Popup. The checkout page is a single page without any distractions and Multi-Step Checkout Plugin.


Goya theme comes with a built-in AJAX search and a fully customizable Mega Menu. It’s fully optimized for any device as well as SEO optimized. Great theme to purchase for $29.


7. Electro Electronics Store

Electro is a huge and flexible WooCommerce theme for electronics stores. It’s built and comes with most of the advanced features that are available in popular eCommerce websites like Aliexpress, Amazon, Alibaba, Walmart, etc. 


Like many other eCommerce themes for WordPress, Electro was designed for a specific niche, and it offers many dedicated pre-made homepage designs and layouts that were thought for specific page structures. Widely customizable header, specific layouts for product pages, widgets, and free page builder plugins – that’s just a few things Electro has to offer. 


eCommerce Themes for WordPress - Electro Electronics Store

Source: ThemeForest


Even though Electro was designed for a specific niche you can definitely use that theme for any eCommerce store you want if you like its design. And it can be yours to use for $59.


8. Martfury

Another good choice for building multi-vendor online stores using only the best of eCommerce themes for WordPress is Martfury. This is in fact a WooCommerce WordPress theme, but its design is based on the Elementor page builder


Apart from a multi-vendor marketplace, it is suited for furniture, electronics, clothes, or hi-tech and accessories stores. The feature Advanced Live Search of Martfury allows people to search for products with keywords or SKU instantly.


Customers are also able to rate and review products, see the product deals, zoom on product images, have quick or 360 views of the product, and ability to see label and color.


eCommerce Themes for WordPress - Martfury

Source: ThemeForest


With a Featured Product Video, you will be able to add a video to a featured product instead of just images. The theme gives you the ability to showcase daily deals and attract more buyers. It also has a built-in Mega Menu that keeps many bars more informative and lively, and if that is not enough, Martfury has a built-in Order Tracking system, and it’s available for $59. 


9. Shopkeeper

Shopkeeper is our second example of eCommerce themes for WordPress built specifically for WooCommerce, with a focus on design and functionality.


Definitely one of the most popular themes of its kind, Shopkeeper has more than 28.000 online stores that use the theme for their business.


This theme will get you with its fast setup – so you can start working on your webshop right away, automatic plugin installation, and of course demo import. The Shopkeeper will guarantee the speed that is so important on eCommerce sites because it was built for performance. 


eCommerce Themes for WordPress - Shopkeeper

Source: ThemeForest


It thrives on responsive design, unlimited header styles, drag and drop page building, and many more. The Shopkeeper can be purchased for $59.


10. Ocean WP

Ocean WP is a WordPress theme that is so simple with a professional design. It can be turned into any type of website, whether a portfolio, business, blog, or WooCommerce.


Ocean WP has great SEO, it’s easy to optimize for other devices, even has SoMe features. It has unique WooCommerce features like an options panel or that it’s made to improve your sales. It’s highly customizable and has many pre-made designs that are quick to install. 


eCommerce Themes for WordPress - Ocean WP

Source: WordPress.org


This is a very well-rounded WordPress theme and it stands out for WooCommerce since it brings all the features you want to your online store and it’s for free (with additional features starting at $39).



As we can see, there are so many different eCommerce themes for WordPress, and each offers different functionalities. And the ones mentioned today are only a small part of the eCommerce themes registry that WordPress and the WordPress community has to offer.


But remember that the first impression you make with your target is the most important. So, before choosing any of the themes we mentioned above, we suggest you identify your needs based on your business, your goals, your vision, and – most important of all – your users. And only when you found the one that fits you best should you purchase it.



For now, we hope that our article sheds a little more light on which are some of the best eCommerce themes for WordPress today, and why they have become so popular. And if you liked this article, keep an eye out for more like it on our Insights section. Until next time!

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