Software is eating the world, and in so
doing, it will feed it too

The way we connect is changing. We, as humans, and the objects we surround ourselves with, are increasingly connecting over the Internet of Things (IoT).
The way we trade is changing. Everything from money to food is being digitized, stored in immutable blockchains and distributed ledgers.
The way we think is changing. Biological intelligence has gotten us far, very far, but artificial intelligence will take us to unimaginable places.
The way we create is changing. Robots are going nano, and 3D printing will allow us to create anything from nothing.
The way we crunch is changing. Problems are getting more interconnected and complex, serviced by ever more powerful quantum computers.
The way we communicate is changing. VR and AR will make virtual reality indistinguishable from reality, allowing everyone to connect from anywhere.



Why the title for the book?

The title originates from the response we wanted to add to the debate after Marc Andreessen’s infamous essay Why Software is Eating the World, which spurred a lot of controversy and negative responses from the public.

Why write a book?

The whole project started after publishing the article Software is Feeding the World. Many followed up by asking us to comment, reflect and elaborate upon the conclusions, which led us to write a book that would answer all the questions we have received as a response to the article.

Who is this book for?

The book is written to anyone wishing to navigate and leverage the software tsunamis hitting even the most distant corners of the world. It is a book that helps organisations find their sweet spot in an ever-changing, faster-pacing, and more cluttered world. Any leader, executive, manager, investor, inventor or entrepreneur who recognise the feeling of steering the Titanic—not sure if heading straight into an iceberg, or on the safe path to the land of opportunity—can sustain their organizations better by understanding the software tsunamis explained in this book.

Who really believes that software will feed the world?

We do, and we are living proof of it. This is a common question we face daily, whether software is actually going to feed the world. Like, for real, we cannot eat bits and bytes, so how can software feed us. Rest assured, software is becoming the main reason why you and your loved ones get food on the table. Software will build your home—no spoons nor shovels required—and it will help you and your family get to and from that home every day. Software will help us learn, connect and share. Software will help us create things that our ancestors wouldn’t think possible, and if you are still not convinced how important software is to the world you live in, ask yourself this—if you could choose a time to be alive, any time in this or any other parallel universe out there, when would you choose to live? Assuming your judgement is not clouded with nostalgia, your answer would be today.


About the Author

Mark Dencker is the Founder and CEO of Wiredelta.

Working with software development since the age of 12, Mark has experienced first-hand how software can change the world for the better.

As an entrepreneur, Mark has held active roles in software projects ranging from tracking diabetes with Novo Nordisk, to implement electronic locks with Freetrailer, to most recently head up the online platform with the Museum for the United Nations – UN Live.


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