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Unchallenged fact: open source software (OSS) development is the future of web and mobile applications. It’s no surprise that Wiredelta® is all about open source, which we have worked with since the very beginning of the company. The adoption of open source frameworks like WordPress is Wiredelta’s secret weapon which gets more powerful as open source communities continue to grow.

So why is open source so great?

Think of open source like an all-you-can-eat buffet with passionate chefs working behind the scene and around the clock, preparing the most delicious food you’ve ever tasted. You have the freedom to eat as much as you please and even more good stuff is coming up! In contrast, closed-source website builders like Wix, Weebly and Squarespace are like running sushi – what you see is what you get, and when you take something, you’ll have to pay for it. However, with DIY website builders, you can set up your website very fast – check out this article by Cloudwards suggesting 8 website builders that help you to create a website in 4 minutes or less

The open source squad is massive! An entire community committed to creating new striking themes and plugins, simply for the sake of learning and a better future. Moreover, it can be very helpful when gaining street credits from fellow developers who are also contributing to the community.

At Wiredelta, we want to liberate our clients and unleash their creativity, which makes closed-boxes a huge no-go for us. We encourage everyone to make use of extensive theme and plugin libraries out there, making the most innovative and unique websites and mobile apps in the market. The problem is that there is no easy-to-use tool to setup and manage websites and mobile apps in open source frameworks. But it will definitely change with Wiredelta’s platform! We have combined great design with great functionality to maximize the potential of open source.

Why do I need this many themes and plugins?

We are living in a time when everyone wants and needs to be unique! This sets the bar for website and mobile app design and feature options demanded by customers. For example, WordPress currently boasts more than 4,000 themes and almost 50,000 unique plugins in their directory, giving you a staggering selection to choose from. If that wasn’t already awesome, that number keeps growing – thanks to the open source community’s constant wave of creativity!, In sharp contrast, Wix, Squarespace, and Weebly have a bit over 500 themes altogether. Obviously, the selection of themes and plugins is strictly limited (no) thanks to their closed-source approach being proprietary platforms.Being able to choose from a couple of themes and plugins is simply not going to fly. Open source made it possible for us as well to have more themes than that three website builder has combined!

When using Wiredelta, you will have access to all of the latest themes and coolest plugins right at your fingertips, whether it’s e-commerce, social media, email subscription, Google Translate or whatever you can add to your website or app!

Sure, but too many options can be confusing

We totally agree. The world of open source world is overwhelming, and you can easily lose your way in the incredible amount of options available. And that is exactly why we thought; wouldn’t it be easier to get help in sorting through all of them?

We got that covered for you! At Wiredelta, we have built a theme directory coupled with intuitive filters. Here, you can see the best and the latest free responsive WordPress themes available in one place. Our WordPress enthusiast meticulously tested and cleverly selected themes that will suit you most. Paired up with our AI-assistant we created a really powerful and easy-to-use platform where you can assemble and build website or app. We have no doubts that open source software and artificial intelligence are a perfect match!

In short, we think it makes way more sense for our clients to have a wide range of options available, rather than a few options kept within a closed boxed. Never settle for less because you never know what sort of demands your visitors might have. Perhaps they’ll want a Facebook login feature, or bundle options for your web shop, or inbox messaging integrated, or something completely else. There’s just no way of knowing in advance, so stay alert or as Steve Jobs would say: “Stay hungry, stay foolish”.

Why WordPress only? Anything else?

WordPress powers 27% of all websites on the web, a stunning number dominating 60% of all CMS powered websites. At the same time, the WordPress community is the largest CMS community in the world! With these unbeatable statistics, choosing WordPress was a no-brainer. However, WordPress is not the one and only. Here at Wiredelta, we are very open-minded when it comes to trying out other CMS’s.

So it’s free, what’s the catch?

No catch here, friends. We don’t think it’s fair for you to pay extra for stuff you could find for free if you knew where to look. Wiredelta exists to “transform volatile ideas into rock-solid products”. It’s our mantra, our code of honor. We spent four years creating web and mobile applications. Now we are doubling down on building a platform which automates a lot of the tedious processes to get a digital product live, without placing limits on our clients.

Catering for Mobile Users?

If you google “mobile and website builder” you will soon realize that such a thing did not exist until now! You can find mobile app builders such as Joren or AppyPie.com which offer you the opportunity to convert your website into an app. Obviously, it takes extra time and money to invest in an app after having a website, not to mention that you have to arrange everything and explain your wishes to not one, but two companies! Is it really worth it?

Our latest achievement is that both website and app building is possible in one single platform. No more hassle, everything in one place! As far as we know, Wiredelta is the first company who managed to pull that off.

Mobile App vs Mobile Website

You might wonder if it is necessary for you to have an app. There are many companies that can help in creating a proper mobile version of your website, so the question is – what difference does a mobile application make?

To answer that you have to think of the benefits it provides you with: by offering an application you are constantly present on your clients mobile devices. Furthermore, apps are designed to be more convenient and offer a better browsing and shopping experience to your potential customers.

Mobile presence is necessary today and you can not just wait for your customers to find you! So let’s take a look at the numbers:

Nowadays it is super easy to create a website which will be able to operate on web and mobile version both. It is such a common thing that it is obvious for website builders, such as Wiredelta, to create websites in a mobile friendly way. To sum it up, we would like to say that mobile apps and mobile websites are both useful for your customers, mobile website – to reach them, while a mobile app can help you to be with your clients 24/7.

What’s next for Wiredelta?

Our goal is to grow our customer base and learn from their preferences. This will help our AI-assistant to serve clients even better and faster than any human developer could do. The overarching plan for Wiredelta is to build a platform that creates and maintains websites and apps for everyone, automatically, with an AI. So come one and all to the Wiredelta family and join our quest!

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