Should I hire a copywriter or invest in AI content generators?

The digital world today is moving even faster than you could ever imagine. People won’t be amazed when if/that you are using  AI content generators to help your business with content creation


We can say that machines have become a natural part of our everyday life.


Not only that they are easily performing activities that were previously done by humans but, they are becoming more and more intelligent which means that artificial intelligence is “moving up”. 


Apart from the business world, AI is undeniably stepping into our lives. How would you feel if you learned that in a couple of years from now, our lovely pet friends would be replaced by AIs? 


When it comes to the discussion about AI and its relation to the jobs, it is not unusual that it brings mixed feelings into place. 


While some people will be concerned and argue that jobs performed by people will slowly disappear, other people might see AI as an opportunity that will only make our work easier, so that we can focus on more important tasks since some of them can be automated. 


It is a fact that in some cases, artificial intelligence actually comes with more precise and better outcomes than humans.


AI content generator
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If you are a business owner, then your primary goal is probably to be seen and recognized among people, which will ultimately affect the bottom line.


This can be achieved by using the right keywords, taking the concept of entities into consideration, and keeping other ranking algorithms in mind to boost your SEO, so you can eventually rank higher on search engines.


So, what’s the situation about AI in marketing? Should you start thinking about investing in AI content generators for your business?

  • Can it equal or even outperform the work done by a human copywriter? Will your business thrive with AI articles?
  • Are AI content generators trustworthy?
  • Human Copywriter vs. AI content generator – what are the benefits and drawbacks?


Let’s dive in and find out what are the answers to the questions above throughout today’s article!


Human Copywriters vs. AI Content Generators

Let’s start by mentioning one important thing to make sure we are on the same page. Both AI content generators and human copywriters have their benefits and drawbacks at the same time.


Therefore, the decision on what is the most suitable option specifically for your business remains up to you to make. While an AI content generator may be a to-go option for some business owners, others may see the generated content as unsatisfactory.


But when you put these two things together, it may actually turn out to be a great cooperation. From the human perspective, copywriting requires a lot of creativity and new ideas to be delivered on regular basis, and here, AI might be a big help.


So, let’s explore the differences.


Human copywriters

People are living creatures with emotions and feelings. This main difference separates us, humans, from the machines (at least for now). And this crucial trait, certainly, reflects on the content that is being produced.


It is important not to forget that the end-users are people with who you can communicate through the content you share. Yet it still needs to be authentic and comprehensible – you simply want to ensure you speak the same language as your audience.


Content writing is also a far more complex topic than just using the right keywords. The wording has to make sense and context is what really matters.


In fact, going overboard with keyword stuffing can actually cause you trouble instead of achieving a better SEO ranking.


And these aspects are handled better by humans – the AI content generators haven’t mastered copywriting from those angles.


Human Copywriter vs. AI content generator
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AI content generators

One of the biggest benefits of AI-generated content is that it can be produced way faster than content written by humans. However, the fact that it can be generated faster does not mean that the work is finished and the article is ready to be published right away.


The truth about the AI-content generators is that they can produce content fast but in most cases, the text needs to be edited, rephrased, and adjusted, so the consistency and context remain preserved.


This leads us to the trustworthiness question in relation to AI content tools. If you were reading carefully by now, you probably found the answer yourself.


Since the generated content needs additional adjustments, you can’t stick solely to the newly generated piece, and this fact detracts from the trustworthiness of the AI content generators.


The logic behind how the AI content generators usually work is that you decide on the topic and choose your focus area. Based on these criteria, the tool creates content for you.


When you decide to equip your business with an AI content generator, keep in mind that the tools differ in their features, which can subsequently be seen in the prices.


We will look at some of the best AI content generators on the market.


AI content generators


Let’s start by introducing Kafkai, an AI content generator that helps you with the content for your website. It can write articles from scratch and puts emphasis on SEO.


It has three modes you can choose from. You can either choose a specific industry and Kafkai generates a random article based on the chosen niche (you can see the examples in the picture below). This option can be really useful when you run out of ideas.


In other cases, you are asked to write a so-called ”seed”, which is basically a paragraph on which your newly generated article will be based.


However, the ”seed” will never appear in the article, and for that reason, you can also use a ”sample paragraph” from another website that inspired you.


The tool can handle 7 languages, to mention some of them, the text can be translated into Spanish, French, or German. Kafkai offers 4 different plans, starting at $29 per month and the most expensive plan ”Industrial printer” costs $199 per month.


The difference between different plans lies mostly in the number of articles it can generate per month – with the cheapest plan you can create up to 100 articles, while with the ”Industrial printer” you can produce 2500 articles/month.


Kafkai - AI content generator
Source: https://kafkai.com/


In case you can’t decide whether it is the right tool for you, you can start a 3-day free trial that is available with all four plans, along with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


 Article Forge

Article Forge is another example of convenient AI software. The origin of Article Forge was accompanied by five years of researching and developing the AI tool.


It works very similarly as we described above. You enter your main keyword and sub-keywords, determine other details such as the length of the article. Then you just wait up to 60 seconds and your content is ready for you.


When it comes to pricing, you have two options. You can either choose to subscribe for a monthly plan which costs $57, or another option is to subscribe for a yearly plan that costs $27. The difference is purely in the subscription period.


If you are wondering how the generated articles look, you can find examples from different industries on their website. The articles created with Article Forge are of high quality, close to human-written articles, plus the prices are also affordable.



Writesonic can help you with writing a marketing copy or a new article for your blog. It is available in numerous languages, apart from English, for example, Spanish, German, Danish, and 20 more.


As you can see in the picture below, the process of generating a new marketing copy is again very easy. You just need to determine the details, write a short description and the process can begin.


Writesonic - AI content generator
Source: https://writesonic.com/


You can also create a Facebook ad, where you just enter the product name and again its short description.


Some AI content generators create copies that don’t need to be edited that much but be prepared that copies written by Writesonic will definitely require some modifications and improvements.


The subscription plan fee is billed monthly and can be cancelled anytime. The plans differ in the features they include and when you have a special requirement such as building features specifically for you, you have the possibility to contact the team.



So, in the end, what is the outcome? Artificial intelligence is definitely making our lives easier.


To sum it up, AI content generators are tools that can help you take your business to another level. At the same time, you need to be on alert around these tools, since the content is not ready to be shared with your audience right away.


It requires additional editing, adjusting, and sometimes, even fact-checking.


In many cases, AI content generators happen to be especially helpful tools for start-ups and smaller-sized companies or simply companies that are tight on budget.



You will still spend some time editing the articles, on the other hand, the content is generated fast, just in few seconds. This way, you get more content generated, which is a good compromise when you don’t have the resources to hire a copywriter.


However, if you are a business owner whose budget allows you to choose between artificial intelligence and real people, then hiring a human copywriter would be your best to-go option.


You can still have an AI content generator to inspire your content writers, but eventually, your customers are people who need to understand the language you speak, and AI is not that far yet to be able to achieve the same results as copywriters do.


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