Is Domain Registration Age important?

Domain registration age count starts from the moment a domain name is running but only after being indexed by Google. Many companies sell domains, but first, they have to be accredited by ICANN or the Internet Corporation Assigned Names and Numbers. ICANN divides, distributes, and maintains country-specific and non-country specific domain names.


domain registration age


So, when you build a website, you get in touch with domain registrars from whom you buy a domain name, which is usually renewed after a certain period, for instance, every year or every five years. Most hosting companies, like Bluehost, GoDaddy or Hostinger also provide domain names, usually for free, with their hosting packages.


But, the domains you buy through these companies are new, therefore their age count did not start. However, there are also a plethora of companies out there, who actively buy and sell expired or aged domains. So the question is, why do these companies do it? Is it just for the name and brand, or is domain registration age important? And if so, why?


Why is the domain registration age important?

It’s a known fact that some companies make quite a profit from selling specific domains just for their names, thus allowing a new business to claim their future brand and create their online presence – for a price. But, domain age goes much deeper than that.



Depending on the situation, potential customers consider domain registration age when they need to narrow down a list of online providers from which they can purchase a service. More specifically, they use checking tools to establish how long a company has existed, daily traffic, and domain authority, among other factors. How long a company has existed can portray a companies experience and credibility, to which the rest of the factors also add value.


Businesses wanting to partner

Similarly, businesses that are looking for a partner to work with will check for a high domain authority factor. High domain authority goes hand in hand with long-established sites on the internet. But, to have high domain authority, one needs enough backlinks, among other factors and building backlinks that are of good quality is time-consuming and takes effort. All of these factors show businesses that a specific website is also reliable, not only valuable to them.

Search Engine Indexing

It is debatable, but search engines tend to rank websites that have been registered earlier and been online for a long time higher than newly registered websites. However, this is only if the previous owner of the domain actually took care of their on-page and off-page SEO.


Nevertheless, chances are that an expired domain has some kind of Google ranking score, so when a new business acquires this domain, they also get the benefits of the previous owners’ SEO efforts. While that might not be much, it’s still better than starting from scratch.


Domain registration age and SEO

Speaking of SEO, usually, older websites rank higher than new domains also because of their number of backlinks. And, we know that backlinks are good for SEO. Like before, chances are that older websites or domains have had some backlinks pointed to them, which is a crucial thing. Especially since backlinking is such a lengthy and tedious process.


As a result, they will probably also have more traffic hits from day one, enhancing their credibility and experience and hence win more potential customers in their area of specialty. Considering this factor alone, new websites or domains cannot even begin to compete with older websites.


Domain registration age and old domain names

While usually, we say that content quality and updates frequency matters most, how long a domain has been running also has a great influence on a website’s rank on Google. That is known as the domain registration age.


Older domains with an established name, qualitative and relevant content and many backlinks built over the years are always at the top of the search engine results page. And of course, new websites can also have quality content and maybe catchy names. But, the main difference is that these new websites or domains have fewer backlinks.


So, like with brand, newer brands appeal very differently to us, the consumer, as older ones that we know and trust. Similarly, for Google bots, older, established domains are those brands they know and trust, especially if the domain was once ranked high on the SERP.


Checking domain registration age

One option is to contact each domain registrar, seeking details for a given website or domain name. But a few simpler options are using the WHOIS tool, the Wayback machine, or simply running the domain name through an online domain age checker tool.


So, yes, you can check the age of any domain name quickly by looking into the domain’s record from the registrar. But why should you go through all that trouble when you can easily find the domain age with ready-made domain age checker tools available online for free.


Solution – buy expired domains

If you want to rank high on Google, then your domain name should have existed online for some years. But what about those who want to start a new business? Use a domain age checker to find older domains in your niche, select the one matching your brand vision best, and make it your own.


How expired domains help with SEO


This way, you are not as disadvantaged as one with a new website that needs to invest a lot of time and effort to rank high on Google. However, remember that even those with new websites or domains can attain good ranking if they consistently put out relevant and qualitative content and backlinks.


So, when you buy your old domain, make sure you continue growing its rank, and not just rely on the previous owner’s efforts. SEO and Google ranking are an on-going effort, and the more time and work you put into it, the further you go.

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