Freetrailer Nominated as the Best App of the Year in 2018

On 27th of February this year, we received the wonderful news. Freetrailer, a long time partner and client of Wiredelta, was nominated for the best app of the year by FDIH.


FDIH, the Danish E-commerce Association is an organization founded in 1997. FDIH helps companies strengthen their online presence through network and knowledge. They provide everything from seminars and webinars to market analysis, annual reports and even expert business advice.


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The association works to strengthen online trading for more than 2,000 companies and their suppliers, both in Denmark and internationally. Every year, FDIH awards the prestigious E-commerce Prize to only the best companies and their outstanding services.


FDIH is also one of the 3 initiators of Ecommerce Europe founded in 2012, along with their two sister organizations in France and Holland. Today, FDIH is Denmark’s largest analyst association of online behaviour.


Freetrailer, the story

Freetrailer started in 2004 with the goal to ease the process of renting a freight trailer. The company provides trailers for retail stores such as IKEA or Silvan, so clients can rent them from the stores they were shopping at. Initially, to rent a trailer, one had to find a store clerk and sign a contract. The key to the trailer was then handed over to the customer which needed to be returned within 24 hours. The concept worked, but the process was slow and needed improvement in a digitally-dominated world!


The two biggest issues the company faced were that something could be wrong with the trailer, such as a flat tire, or that the trailer could be missing. To solve this, the customer would go back to the clerk and explain the issue and get another key. As a fast-growing company, Freetrailer could not afford to have these inefficiencies and needed to smoothen the process.


Freetrailer and Wiredelta

Freetrailer started to work together with Wiredelta in 2015 to help Freetrailer simplify the renting process, by creating the Freetrailer App.


The app made it possible so that clients could use Freetrailer’s services on mobile, and more. Previously, the activation of a reservation was tedious and time-consuming. You needed to go to the store and take a key from the store’s clerk. You then had to go back to the parking lot and check the trailer for damage. Only then (if everything was in order) you could unlock the trailer and start using it.


What Wiredelta did was simplify the process. We implemented a 5 point-based activation system. Users needed to answer 5 simple questions about the trailer’s state to both activate the reservation as well as return it. By doing so, clients could provide vital feedback to the company, allowing them to know the condition of every trailer. So, a faulty or missing trailer was no longer a surprise. This allowed the company to be more proactive than reactive when ensuring trailers were up to par with its customers.


Freetrailer app


The trickiest feature that Wiredelta implemented for Freetrailer was the electronic locks. These locks open through the app via Bluetooth. Clients didn’t need to go to a clerk and have a contract to receive a physical key anymore. In other words, one could just launch the app, and go through the entire renting and returning process on their phone. No more waiting in line!


From a promising concept to an award nomination

Freetrailer started with a very promising concept that we believed in. By building the app together, we took Freetrailer to a whole new level. Wiredelta’s efforts complemented the already promising product of Freetrailer. The result caught the attention of FDIH, earning Freetrailer the nomination for best app of the year 2018.


Wiredelta’s mission is to help our partners transform volatile ideas into rock-solid products, and we are proud to see them flourish through our work. Moments like these make us feel truly rewarded for the work we do and motivate us to keep providing amazing services to our clients.


We can help your product become the best web or mobile application of the year too. And don’t worry! If you are not sure what you need, reach out to us at any time of the day or night.


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