VPN In Digital Marketing – Practical Tips

Image source: pixabay.com   You may be unsure of what a VPN is or how it may benefit your company. A secure and private method of connecting to the internet is using a VPN (virtual private network). It encrypts all of your device’s traffic, gives you access to blocked websites, and guards against hackers. However, […]

Package Your E-Commerce Merch to Encourage Brand Loyalty – A Simple How-To

Source: pixabay.com   According to some branding statistics, millennials and Gen Z Americans are less loyal to brands than any previous generation. Ever since COVID, the business world has changed and marketing and branding are also going through an evolution, as customer loyalty statistics suggest. What does this mean to the small business owner?  The […]

Best Practices For Distributed File Systems In 2022

Image source: unsplash.com   Distributed File Systems can be incredibly useful in virtually any organization, but they’re often implemented without much planning. What results are multiple issues, ranging from duplication errors to a high backlog. The following best practices will ensure your system is streamlined.   What is a Distributed File System?  As the name […]

How to Bring Your Corner Store into the E-Commerce Marketplace

Image source: unsplash.com   The COVID-19 pandemic, and the work-from-home and social distancing trends that came with it have fundamentally altered the high streets and brick and mortar retail.  Two years down the line, even as trade and commerce recovers, there is seemingly no return to the status quo, especially for mom and pop corner […]

Email List Growth – 5 Tactics to Help Grow Your Email List

The ability to communicate with its subscribers and persuade them to take some sort of action can be crucial for the success of any online business. This is why brands always need to work on increasing their email list. This is a collection of subscriber information and data that you can use to promote your […]

5 Different Careers in Information Technology: Which is Right for You?

Image source: unsplash.com   Today’s ideal career gives you the flexibility to change employers, change fields, work from home, and start your own business without having to start it all over. And the best domain that gives you all this and more is Information Technology (IT).   However, many students and even young adults feel […]

4 Tips to Make Your Business Stronger in 2022

More than 20% of small businesses fail within the first year. And a big reason for that is the inability to set up strong foundations for the business that would allow it to reach its target audience and maintain growth. Companies that want to maintain momentum and grow must always be looking for ways to […]

Top 3 Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Image source: unsplash.com    Whether you are an eCommerce store or not, driving traffic to your site will be one of your top priorities if you want to increase conversions and sales for your company. What businesses need to know is that their site is one of the most essential elements of their business. It […]

How to Write a Performance Review That Actually Improves Performance

Image Source: Pixabay.com   In the recent past, employee evaluation has come under fire. Both managers and employees are unimpressed with traditional employee review procedures. Additionally, most workers think performance reviews are ineffective at raising performance. The yearly evaluation will always have its place. However, organizations focused on success know that it needs to be […]

Maximizing SQL Database Performance: A Quick Guide

Image Source: Unsplash.com   One thing you’ll learn in a database 101 class is how to identify bottlenecks in your system. For example, instead of trying to resolve each issue individually, you should try to improve online performance for all your users.  These 6 tips can rectify issues impacting your performance.   6 Tips You’ll […]