Everything You Need to Know About Creating an Invoice Template for a Digital Marketing Agency

A great invoice template is critical to successful business-to-client payment interactions. As anyone in the digital marketing industry knows, communication and presentation play pivotal roles in the outcome of any professional relationship—and invoice templates are certainly no exception. 

Different agencies and industries can require different template layouts and formats to accommodate their unique skill sets and provided services. However, there are always common denominators that apply to every template, no matter what services are provided.


The 6 Components Of A Successful Digital Marketing Invoice Template

Just like with any invoice template, there are certain key components needed to make it legitimate and successful as a valid financial document. 

Digital marketing agencies tend to provide a wide variety of goods and services, including brand promotion, social media marketing and management, web-based advertising, and email marketing. This means that flexible invoice templates with multiple description options are best suited to agencies of this kind. 

When it comes to creating a template that ticks all the boxes for a digital design agency, the following five components are essential for success: 

  • Date and invoice number – These are standard and essential invoice elements. The date that the invoice is sent should always feature, as should an invoice number that indicates how many interactions you have had with each particular client.

  • Client/business name and contact details – Who hired you? Your invoices should always feature the client or business name relevant to the purchase of goods or services.

  • Your company name and contact details – Who are you? Your client deserves to see that information just as clearly. Remember to make space for adding your company name and your email address, physical address (if applicable) and contact number.

  • List of provided goods or services – What goods or services did your company provide the client with? Adding a well-structured table to insert this information is essential for a digital marketing agency (and any agency, for that matter).

  • Total amount(s) owed – How much does the client owe you? A good invoice template for digital marketing agencies should include the amounts owed for each individual service, any tax billed, and a total sum indicating the full amount the client owes.

  • Payment terms and options – All invoice templates should include payment terms and options for the client to view. This includes when and how you would like to be paid, as well as providing several viable payment channels for the client to choose from. 

Other than that, a digital marketing agency invoice doesn’t need to deviate too much from a standard invoice template. 

As long as the fundamental aspects of a complete invoice are present, the document can be considered valid and usable within a professional context. However, there are some other ways to spice it up and make it more adjacent to the digital marketing industry.


4 Ways To Elevate Your Digital Marketing Agency Invoice

These days, an invoice can be so much more than just an electronic payment docket. It can be a marketing tool, an opportunity to showcase your services, and a chance to connect with clients and solidify your relationship. 

A standard invoice template may get the job done. But why not go further and better utilize the time and attention given by clients as they scan the document? Your agency can do that through: 

1. Creating A Unique and Visually Engaging Layout

Part of being a great digital marketing agency means knowing how to engage people on a visual level. If you work in this industry, an invoice is a great opportunity to demonstrate your skills in this area and blow them away with a document that exceeds their design expectations. 

Instead of just opting for a traditional layout, why not choose something a little more dynamic? Hiring a professional designer to create a template that reflects your brand identity and communications creative vision can only result in higher engagement with clients.


2. Adding Social Media Links

Just about every business can benefit from adding social media links to invoices to , but digital marketing agencies should make it a priority. 

It’s important to get the word out there about where clients can find you online and which channels you have the biggest following on. This further demonstrates your skills surrounding digital marketing and the promotion of online advertising.


3. Inserting A Thank-You Message At The End

Harvard-backed research tells us that corporate culture is shifting into more empathic terrain. In the past, companies have tended to be more straightforward and clinical in their approach to inter-business communications. But in the 2020s, people are prioritizing warmer, more gracious communications. 

You can set the tone for a healthy, positive client-to-business relationship by adding a simple but sincere thank-you message at the end of your invoices. This small act may seem insignificant, but the impact it can have is well worth the effort.


4. Send An Invoice Notification Reminder

No matter who your client is, they are likely to lead busy lives, just like you. As such, getting around to small but important tasks like responding to an invoice can be challenging unless you have a reminder. 

Of course, it’s not your responsibility to ensure that clients pay you on the agreed-upon time. However, sending a notification reminder can show them how much you’re invested in a healthy, cooperative relationship with them. It makes your life and theirs much easier. 

You can set up automatic invoice notification reminders through many of the invoice management programs available online. In doing so, you can enter into a more efficient and digitally communicative mode of business. Even if you don’t automate the process, a simple reminder email works well too.


In Conclusion

Invoices are quintessential business documents that no digital marketing agency can do without. And with so many free invoice template PDF documents available for quick and easy download and customization, there’s no excuse not to have one. But in addition to nailing the basics, it’s important for companies in this field to elevate their approach to invoice templates and create a billing system that clients appreciate from start to finish. 

With the right template, those in the digital marketing sphere can drive deeper connections with clients, expand their client base, and make their own billing system more efficient.

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