How To Choose The Best JavaScript Framework?

Updated February 11, 2021 Wiredelta

JavaScript is one of the most popular choices among all the web developers of today. It is known as the best scripting language to create functional and attractive interfaces and comes with many vigorous functions and features. JavaScript is mainly used for creating mobile and desktop applications, client-side and server-side. You will come across several types of JavaScript Frameworks, out of which the NodeJS Framework is the best one. It’s because you will receive plenty of unique node.js benefits, such as having the power to create network applications through concurrent construction and lessening page loading time.


How to Opt for the Best JavaScript Framework?

Even though there are many frameworks out there, developers are pretty confused when it comes to selecting the best or the right one. Choosing a framework that provides all the key functionalities is vital for using JavaScript. Given below are some of the ways through which you can choose the right JavaScript framework.

  1. Scalability: Scalability is referred to the ability to maintain an expanding functionality consistently. Since applications grow in complexity and sizes, so the development platforms should have the power to support this growth. You must opt for a JavaScript framework that has the power to build scalable applications. Both ReactJS and AngularJS provide plenty of scalability. AngularJS provides scalability through its modular development, and ReactJS delivers scalability through its component-based approach.
  2. Performance: Under the web applications, the performance is related to the DOM or the Document Object Model. This is known to represent the webpage both in the code and browser. With the help of DOM, the webpages can easily be manipulated, in case it requires any updates. Go for a JavaScript framework that uses the DOM regularly. Don’t opt for the regular DOM, as it will affect the performance, especially for the single-page applications.
  3. The developer’s community: When you are not sure, which framework you must choose or opt for, take a look at the developer’s community. It will provide you detailed information on the frameworks that are used by the majority of the developers. According to a survey, ReactJS was voted as the most loved framework by the developers. On the other hand, AngularJS is appreciated traditionally for boasting community support and for its advantages.
  4. The size of the framework: With the context of development frameworks, the volume does matter. It’s because the size of the framework is related directly to the performance of the application. The application and the framework must be downloaded right before the application becomes functional. In this respect, several of the JavaScript frameworks, such as ReactJS is 43k in size, and Vuje.js is 23k. Frameworks like AngularJS are 143K, which makes it the heaviest when compared with other frameworks. 


Ending Note

Every framework has its pros and cons. Opting for the right JavaScript framework for your respective project will be unique in various cases. But it depends heavily on the specific solution needs. Remember, the JavaScript world is pretty big. You need to extend your boundaries and gain more information about the frameworks before you opt for one.

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