How To Hire A Go Development Team And Manage It Remotely

The Golang language was created by Google and was first made available in 2009 as a straightforward but efficient replacement for writing code, programs, and other types of software. It’s gaining in popularity as a result of its ease of use, high performance, and simplicity. Although many businesses rush to hire Golang developers, they don’t know how. This article will explain all the benefits of the Go language for your business and how to hire Golang developers. It’s not simply possible to build and grow a successful company with remote developers; in some circumstances, it can even be the best option, especially if you hire Golang web developer. After all, remote Go engineers often produce between 35 and 40 percent more than their office-based colleagues.


Golang Peculiarities That Can Be Handy for Your Business

If you’re in the tech industry, you probably have heard of Go. Among all the languages that are being used today, Go is one of the most popular ones. It is also among the fastest and most efficient languages to develop applications in.

With the rise of high-speed broadband internet and multicore processors, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to deliver a speedy app experience. As a result, many tech companies have switched to Go.

The main reason why most tech businesses are shifting to Go is that it’s faster than traditional programming languages like Java and Python. This is especially true for resource-intensive applications such as server-side programs, data science, and web development.

Another major reason why your business should consider using Go is its ability to support concurrency. The Go language uses Goroutines, which are functions that can run simultaneously and independently. It also has a channel-based approach to concurrency that makes it easy to handle concurrent IO without bogging down the system’s memory. This is because goroutines only take up 2 kB of memory, and they are non-blocking by nature.


How to Hire Golang Web Developers and Manage Them Remotely

The finest techniques for leading a remote development team in managing a software project will be discussed in this article.

Cultivate the right traits in your developers: Peak project performance for developers in remote teams depends on having the appropriate characteristics. When you hire Go engineers, they should be screened for the appropriate qualities throughout the process, and you should constantly work to foster them in your current developers. Discussing the significance of these qualities and helping your remote team members realize how essential they are to everyone’s success is also a wonderful idea.

Here are the qualities you need to look out for if you want to hire Go developers:

Communicating Effectively

Over-communicating effectively with your developers is vital to your project: Your team members should all understand the requirements of a project and their primary duties. There should always be a good plan in place. When it comes to efficient communication technologies, there is a hierarchy. The best option should be video and audio conversations and conferences since they convey information clearly and fast. Therefore, give video and audio precedence over chat, messages, and email wherever possible. Project management tools will also be crucial for a remote workforce.


The Developer Must Show Signs of Humility

Investing in the growth of your developers: Great developers may be found who possess the ideal attributes, are highly skilled, are productive, and meet all of their KPIs. But if you don’t support their professional development, they could leave the organization in the long run. Avoid this if you’re in charge of a remote software development team.


Growth Mindset

Organize workflows and implement systems: When working on a project as part of a remote team, it is essential to keep detailed records of everything. The greatest way to do this is through well-defined procedures rather than depending on exceptional individuals. You have to establish and utilize a project management system as a result. Every detail must be entered into the project management software. Of course, many development teams now employ Source Code Management (SCM) tools like Git to keep track of code modifications and assign responsibility for them to certain developers. For the same reason, you ought to utilize Dropbox or Google Drive as appropriate for document collaboration. The ability to monitor changes is essential.


Must be Able to Work Without Constant Supervision

You must develop a strong business culture: Remote teams miss out on the natural everyday interactions of working in an office setting. People eventually bond and establish a solid culture due to all those incidental exchanges. Consider holding yearly getaways for the whole team if your business can afford it. This tactic has the potential to promote a positive culture. To encourage team interaction and relaxation, you may use Slack to create channels just for social and recreational activities. You may organize non-work related Google Hangouts sessions or virtual events. Whether remote, on-site, or a combination of both, a strong business culture is essential for drawing in and keeping talent.



The key to effectively managing a remote software development team is finding developers with the correct characteristics, for example, when you hire Golang language developer with the traits that fulfill all you need. Make sure to communicate clearly so that everyone understands what has to be done. It’s crucial to keep everyone updated on the project schedule.

Make advantage of dependable methods and procedures to standardize your workflow, from project management to remaining nimble. If you help the developers on your remote team advance their careers, they will help your business flourish.

You can promote the development of a healthy business culture by prioritizing video conversations, virtual meeting places, and in-person meet-ups wherever feasible. Finally, keep in mind that a manager’s role is to facilitate the increased productivity of others. When you hire Golang web developers, your managers should delegate the technical parts to their devs and have faith in their ability to find solutions independently.

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