How was Kostner Developed?

Kostner is a Cloud Savings as a Service consultancy agency using cleverly developed algorithms based on artificial intelligence technologies to reduce their clients’ costs on Cloud services for good. If it’s unclear, cloud saving refers to making the right decisions when it comes to cloud services purchased by a company in order to choose those features each individual actually needs.


Today, there is a plethora of cloud-based providers, including Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. The problem, however, is not finding a provider. But, instead, is choosing the right one, as every single one of them offers multiple options, each different from the one before. For example, Google Cloud offers about 90 products within its cloud brand. Amazon on the other hand provides 175 different services within its AWS or Amazon Web Solutions packages. And then comes Microsoft’s Azure with an impressive 600 products in its cloud portfolio. And these are just the big guys.


How Kostner started

Kostner was founded back in 2015 by Copenhagen based entrepreneur, ideator, and advisor Mikkel Nørve Hovind. Since the very beginning, Kostner identified an issue with cloud service providers like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. And that issue is the overwhelming amount of products each provides. Combined, they provide over 800 different services, which users in need of cloud solutions have to go through, analyze, and invest in. Another problem? Cloud services are not a cheap investment, especially for corporations and large companies.


So, Kostner decided to focus on the greater good, and the value they could bring to their clients and partners. Or better yet, the financial value they provide for their clients by allocating costs where they are needed. But naturally, this is not an easy task. So, the company’s brilliant and hard-working team has tirelessly worked on creating the perfect algorithms to help reduce costs within cloud hosting.


Clous savings
Source: kostner.com


Now, based on all this, one might think Kostner is basically a Software as a service company, who uses this AI technology to save their client costs. But, that’s where one would be wrong, as Kostner is not your typical Software-as-a-Service company. In fact, Kostner is part of a more recent type of SaaS, the Savings-as-a-Service type.


So, while traditional SaaS companies, if we can call them traditional, aim at creating software for their client in order to solve an issue, Savings-as-a-Service companies build software for internal use, to help their clients save costs. Moreover, Kostner is working towards becoming Denmark’s best Cloud Savings as a Service company. And who knows, in the future, it might even become the best such company in the world.

What is Cloud Savings as a Service?

Now that we established what a Savings-as-a-Service company does, let’s look into what a Cloud SaaS does. As mentioned above, Kostner, like other companies of this type in the world, is a consultancy agency first and foremost. This means, that, in this situation, a corporate or large scale company employes companies like Kostner to analyze their data situation – what data comes in and out of the company, how is it handled, how is it stored, is it properly secured or encrypted, etc.


Based on this information, Cloud SaaS consultancies, Kostner included, run the numbers through algorithms and create a cost plan for their customers. In other words, they look into the available cloud services of each provider and create a report on which product or combination of products is the most cost-effective and most efficient for each company.


In turn, the customer analyses the reports on their end and decide what to do from there. So far nothing is different from any other consultancy agency. However, Kostner values their customers and wants them to actually, really understand what and where they’re investing their money. Therefore, their workflow differs a little.


How Kostner Works

What is a Cloud Savings company is not a true believer in the old saying “things take time and time is money” and Kostner is no exception here. Their speciality is around Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure systems, and they provide a simple, three-step strategy for all of their clients.



Step one, the client contact Kostner, and together they agree on what data needs to be sent. Then, the customer sends all of their data to Kostner via a secure, SFTP-encrypted channel. At all times, the client is in full control of what data Kostner has access to, which usually is non-personal data. Either way, for extra security, all of Kostner’s processes from this point on are done offline. Which brings us to step 2.


During this step, Kostner analyses the data by making use of its team’s expertise and AI technology. Once that process is done, the algorithms compare the results with the billion of combinations and possibilities and come up with the most affordable solution for each client. However, Kostner doesn’t only rely on AIs for this. As mentioned before, they also use their technical expertise and years of data analysis. So once the AI comes up with a plan, it’s time for the tech team to take over.


So, in step number three, the tech team goes through the report and finds if the suggested solutions are actually compatible with the client’s current system. I.e. Can the recommended solutions actually work with the client’s systems, will there be any conflicts, is any of the technologies used by the client outdated, or incompatible in any way? Once the strategy has been green-lighted by the tech team, they then guide the client step-by-step through implementation.


Source: Kostner


The best part? This entire process lasts for only one week, starting from Monday until Friday. As we said, time is money. Once this is done, based on each client’s prefered package, they benefit from workshops, periodical services, and access to the experts and community. And, no matter the package, Koster packages come with a money-back guarantee, so customers can try their services risk-free. Lastly, there is also an option for a free trial or to book a meeting with Kostner and discuss your options, if you’re unsure of what you need.

Technology behind Kostner

Like with most companies in this industry, Kostner’s systems are built based on customer needs, security, and features. This also means that their online platform is completely separated from the offline systems. So, as we mentioned, the offline part, which is arguably the most important part is an AI solution built around “an amalgamation of technology including algorithms written in R, C#, .NET, Sequence servers, different principles, and reinforcement strategies”, as Mikkel puts it. All in all, everything is meant to be precise, efficient, and secure.


And to add a bit of spice to the security part, after each implementation, the data resulted from the AI is nuked. Basically, once the changes are implemented in the client’s systems, Koster deletes all of the data collected. So not only that Kostner never had access to personal data, to begin with, every other piece of information collected is immediately removed, making Kostner an example in GDPR compliance.


The website on the other hand is much, much simpler. Built with the help of Wiredelta’s team, this promotional platform is based on WordPress and Elementor. And the reason we – Wiredelta and Kostner – agreed that these technologies are the best is because of the freedom and control they give to Kostner’s own team. WordPress is one of the most user-friendly content management systems available today. Pair that with Elementor, and you got yourself the simplest, most customizable system for a promotional website that even the less technical person can use to create a professional-looking website. And last but not least, for their webinars and all of their community and marketing efforts, Kostner relies on the Hub and its integration with the WordPress website.



If you run a corporate company, an enterprise, or even a medium-to-large business, time is precious and, yes, time is money. You have so many other things to deal with, that learning about around 800 different cloud-based solutions provided by companies like Google, Amazon, or Microsoft. Not to mention that just knowing about all of those products is not enough. You also have to compare them with others, create the perfect bundle for your business, and make sure your systems are compatible with your choices.


So at the end of the day, is it worth it? Especially since you have options like Kostner, that you can trust with your data and your technology. With almost five years of experience, Kostner is the best choice in choosing your cloud solution bundle. Their AI algorithms can process in a day more than you, we and the Kostner human team can in a lifetime, combined. And then you also have that human team to help you out.


But also, at the end of the day, Kostner is a prime example of an offline business that still needs a strong online presence. So, instead of wasting a ton of time and money, the consultancy agency reached out to our experts and we created the perfect WordPress solution for them. Following their advice, don’t overcomplicate what needs to stay simple. And if you are a business like Kostner and need a website or an app, get in touch with us and we will find the perfect solution for you too.

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