Is Ruby an Underappreciated Programming Language?

Is Ruby an Underappreciated Programming Language?

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With languages like Python, JavaScript, and C++ or C# gathering all the attention nowadays, it’s easy to let a fun and dynamic language like Ruby in the shadow. However, Ruby has plenty of attributes developers should keep in mind. Things like an efficient garbage collection system or a coherent design that allows users to easily understand it are important. 

Still, Ruby is not doing very well as a production language. In fact, it may only be around because it works well with Rails (Ruby on Rails) and can be used for rapid prototyping and problem-solving. This makes it a bit outdated in a world that uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. 

On the other hand, Ruby is a beautifully simple and extremely elegant language. It’s easy to read and quick to understand, it shortens the development time, and you don’t have to spend a lifetime configuring every bit of information. 

So, is Ruby an underrated language? 

We think it is and here’s why:

Memory Management

Ruby is very careful with how it organizes its objects and how it uses the available memory. The language is designed to manage the memory based on the system kernel and the host operating system, which means a web application written in Ruby will adapt to the device. 

Also, to properly manage Ruby memory usage, there is a runtime garbage collection system that pays attention to how memory is used and recycled. With Ruby, nothing is lost, everything is transformed.

Flexible & Easy to Learn

Ruby is a program that doesn’t limit the developer when it comes to changes. You found a better way to optimize a function in your app? Just go for it!

Also, it doesn’t take long to learn how Ruby works. Most beginners can start after a short intensive training, which cannot the said about other popular languages. Plus, you can find a ton of free educational resources online, in both text and video format. 

Open Source

The language is constantly updated by a large community of fans. GitHub has one such community, and you can find specialists and passionate developers who are more than happy to lend a hand to beginners. 

Plus, its most popular framework (Rails) is constantly updated, to fit the times. 

Built-in Security 

Security is a major concern nowadays in the online world. Ill-intended actors are constantly adapting their arsenal and find new ways to deceive and puncture the most solid of defenses. That’s why a language like Ruby is extremely useful, especially for beginners. 

Ruby, in combination with the Rails framework, provides built-in protection against SQL, CSRF, and XSS attacks (among the favorites for cybercriminals when it comes to attacking web applications). 

Key Takeaways

Ruby still brings plenty of benefits, especially for beginner developers, but it may be a bit outdated compared to the latest trends in the world of mobile development. Of course, as long as it has the support of the community, it will continue to exist and support newbies everywhere. 

In summary, if you’re looking for a fun and dynamic language program that doesn’t take long to learn, Ruby is a fantastic option.

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