What is keyword consistency in SEO?

Keyword consistency is an on-page SEO concept described as having keywords or sets of keywords spread out over your webpage in a logical and natural way so that you can improve your website ranking.


The focus point here is really the way they are spread out on the webpage because just having the keywords randomly placed within your pages will not bring you the value you are looking for. In fact, this process of repeating the same keyword just to manipulate search engine results will only work against you. Keyword stuffing, as it is called, is considered as webspam by almost all search engines. Even though previously this technique worked, Google fixed this vulnerability so it does not work anymore in terms of SEO results.


What is the difference between keyword consistency and keyword density?

Now that you know the definition you may still be confused because at first sight these two concepts may appear similar and difficult to distinguish. But it’s simple. Keyword density takes into account just the number of times a specific keyword is used within a webpage and can therefore be expressed as a percentage.


On the other hand, keyword consistency cannot be measured by a numerical value simply because it relates to how the keyword is used in terms of the order, pattern, or syntax. It is more of a qualitative characteristic than purely a quantitative one, as we can see in its qualitative nature. Keyword consistency is a better indicator of relevancy, compared to keyword density, simply because it analyses the content in a more wholesome way.


Why is keyword consistency important?

The reason is simple, relevancy. You probably already know this but Google values greatly the user experience provided by websites and therefore also the relevancy of its content for users. If you use a certain keyword more than once throughout your content it will most likely mean it is relevant in relation to the content. But remember not to overuse a specific keyword as it can be considered spam by the Google algorithm.

It can seem tricky but let’s find out some other tips on how to take advantage of this concept.


How to improve SEO through keyword consistency?

Search engines measure the keyword consistency by analyzing your page content, title tags, headings, image alt tags, captions, meta descriptions, and URLs. So to optimize it you need to:


  • Make sure to use the keywords in the 1st paragraph and some long-tail variations across the content as this contributes to showing search engines your content is relevant.
  • Include your keyword in the H1 heading because this is considered the most important title within the content.
  • When you use your keywords in the H1 heading be moderate in how you choose to use keywords in other headings such as H2 because if you overuse it, you will get over-optimization penalties from the Google Algorithm.
  • Remember to include your keyword in your meta titles and meta descriptions and that these should be unique for each page. Because the meta title is the first thing users see on your website, Search engines also use it to measure the relevance of the content.
  • For an extra push you can also add your keywords to the image alt attribute.


Blog keyword consistency diagram

source: Wookrank


These were just a few tips on how to optimize your keyword consistency but the most important of all is that you focus on providing natural and logically written content for your users. If you focus on their experience and provide them with valuable content, not only will you keep them coming for more but your website will also perform better!



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