Managed Hosting Supported by an AI

Is your website gaining more traffic and it looks like it’s running slower?
Do you find it hard to dedicate time to maintain your website properly?
Are technical and security issues kind of a bore for you?


This testimony taken from an IBM developerWorks blog post may sum up your frustration: “Things started going astray to the extent that I started receiving email alerts from my host provider that there were several attempted hacks. As if that wasn’t enough, I also received emails from my die-hard visitors who claimed that they often experienced slow page loads when they were at my site.


If you can identify yourself with the situation described above, don’t wait for too long – it is high time to change your hosting solution! At Wiredelta®, we’ve got something very special in mind as we have created a managed hosting solution maintained by an AI, so you don’t have to! Keen on saving time enabling you to focus on your core business? Let’s take a look at it!


Managed vs Shared vs Cloud Hosting

Managed hosting is, you guessed it, a hosting solution for only you and managed by professionals. This is different from shared and cloud hosting, where your application is sharing server resources amongst many other applications on one or multiple servers.


The pros and cons between shared, managed and cloud hosting solutions are never ending. This is because your optimal solution highly depends on your needs, but one thing is certain; the need for a stable and secure hosting has never been greater.


An example is websites built with WordPress, the most adopted CMS powering more than 27% of all websites globally, which has become the main target for online hackers to break into websites, servers, databases and more.


Why Managed Hosting?

The argument to choose managed hosting boils down to the unfair competition playing out between hackers and WordPress website owners right now. Anyone that set their mind to it can set up a WordPress website using the famous 5-minute installation tutorial.


As a result, people that have no idea about security can operate a WordPress website. At the same time, hackers are building extremely sophisticated algorithms and bots to break into WordPress websites. It’s an extreme version of David vs Goliath at play here folks, and David is not winning this time! To take an example from the real world, Wordfence reported that the top 25 attacking IPs were responsible for 80 million attacks:


RankIPTotal AttacksBrute Force Attacks*Complex Attacks**

* “Login guessing attacks”
** “Try to exploit vulnerabilities in plugins, themes, WordPress core and other products installed with WordPress”
Source: https://www.wordfence.com/blog/2017/03/feb-2017-attack-report/


WordPress became so popular that managed hosting accounts are being tailored and designed especially to support the client’s WordPress setup. No wonder why some customers describe this solution as “a Five-Star Hotel for WordPress” as quoted in this wpbeginner article. Everything is taken care of, including WordPress updates, security and speed issues as well as general maintenance. You can, therefore, concentrate on your activity with peace in your mind while experts are handling your website’s wellbeing.


Since WordPress is the most adopted framework powering websites, we will use this as an example for the rest of the post, but similar arguments apply to other popular CMS and frameworks like Magento, Drupal, Joomla, Prestashop and more.


How is Managed WordPress Hosting and AI a Game Changer?


1. Expert support

To maintain a managed WordPress hosting, staff constantly has to be alert about new WordPress issues. Not Joomla, not Prestashop or any other kind of website builder, only WordPress. Therefore, they are specialized in WordPress infrastructures and are the most suitable people to maintain your website and help you out.


You basically have a WordPress elite team at your disposal, which is not only reactive to your queries but also proactive. They could, for instance, advise not to use a certain plugin that might affect your website’s performance. At Wiredelta, our staff is dedicated to supporting you whenever it is required but as a matter of fact, we believe you won’t even need us to as our AI will be doing most of the job! Let’s see further down how.



With Managed WordPress Hosting, you have quality support at your disposal


2. Performance

Even though performance is inherently high on WordPress websites, high traffic will inevitably slow down your page and lead to long page loading times. Especially when servers face a high number of page requests. Look at it this way: would you be able to turn pages of fifty books as fast as you do it for only one?


So, as time goes by, it is likely that if you keep growing the content of your website and gain more visitors every day. As a consequence, you will need a more powerful server to deal with this activity increase.


This is where Wiredelta’s managed hosting supported by a 24/7-active AI comes in handy:

  • Immediate update: AI will act accordingly and on the spot if it detects any optimization updates or inefficiencies.
  • Elastic hosting: AI scales your CMS website’s traffic and therefore adapts performance in order to handle a higher number of viewers. That would translate into managing the servers so that resources can be shifted across the hosted websites following each website’s needs.
  • Performance-decrease prevention: Any plugin about to be activated and that is likely to affect your website’s speed will lead to a notification warning you of a performance decrease risk.


3. Uptime, Automated Backups & Security

Ever experienced a WordPress website crash? Brute-force attacks? Losing some of your content? Here is where the AI managing your WordPress hosting anticipates your frustration. Prevention is better than cure as they say and that’s what it’s all about.


In addition to taking care of hosting updates and regular website backups, the AI assistant serves your website as a personal bodyguard. As mentioned earlier, this is not a small issue. In February 2017, Wordfence reported that the top 25 attacking IPs were responsible for 80 million attacks over the month.


These can either be “brute force attacks” that consist of login guessing attacks or more complex attacks that would try to exploit vulnerabilities in plugins and themes in particular. No WordPress website is immune to such attempts and at Wiredelta®, our AI is programmed to detect and block any of those immediately.



An AI managing your hosting solution serves your website as a personal bodyguard


4. Easy testing

A more general benefit of managed WordPress hosting is testing. Discovering the unexpected is more important than confirming the known. That’s why you should keep on testing new things in order to make your website more user-friendly, performant and reliable. However, you do not want your website to crash because a test turned out bad.


Our point is that checking out new plugins as well as WordPress updates locally before implementing them on your production website can be quite a hassle. It is neither an easy nor a fast process.


Fortunately, managed WordPress hosting solutions generally include an online staging environment, a clone of your live website on which you can do everything you are keen on trying. In a few clicks, you can view changes and implement them. WordPress website testing has never been so easy!




Testing can sometimes lead to unwanted consequences for your production (live) website, staging environment is there to prevent that from happening



The whole point of picking a managed WordPress host is to make you run your business in a hassle-free way. This argument is only strengthened with the support of an AI. Usual concerns such as performance and security shouldn’t be giving you headaches anymore, and you will be able to dedicate more time to whatever matters to you the most in order to expand your business.


At Wiredelta, not only do we provide you with a variety of managed hosting solutions, we also take pride in offering you full support regardless of the type of hosting you pick. You will benefit from 24/7 maintenance aiming to save your website from any technical problem thanks to internal link analysis, loading speed optimization or CMS update. Additionally, if you fear any data loss, Wiredelta can ensure daily, weekly or monthly backups. Whatever suits you best.


Finally, with a soaring number of attacks, protecting your website against hackers has never been so crucial. At Wiredelta we take this risk quite at heart. Our AI assistant is precisely giving you extra safety by constantly checking for security updates or any optimizations that can potentially be done to your website and more. Our managed WordPress solutions will enable you to stay on your feet in case of brute force attacks so that you can keep on focusing on your business objectives.


If you are eager to know more about hosting and other WordPress issues, be aware that we are just about to launch our platform on which you will be able to build websites and mobile apps and challenge our AI assistant on any concern. You can check out our services here!

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