Marketing Your Business to Generation Z

Generation Z is the age group that should be easy to placate. They are, after all, a generation weaned on their smartphones. However, because they are more savvy, aware and ‘woke’ than you might even imagine, that also means that they are very difficult to fool. If you want to stand any chance of wooing them, you’re going to need to be transparent, authentic and very self-aware. And that’s just for starters.

What is Generation Z?

Generation Z is the generation that immediately follows the ‘millennials’ (those that came of age during the turn of the century) and was born between the mid-nineties and around 2010. They are a generation raised by tech. Also known in certain circles as the ‘iGeneration’ (after their affection for Apple products), the Homeland generation and even the multi-gen, they are set to be the best-educated and most technologically immersed generation ever.
But what makes them tick and how do you market to them? They do, after all, account for around 40% of all customers right now and that’s a market nobody can afford to ignore.

How to Market to Generation Z

Marketing to Generation Z is more complicated than just “appealing to short attention spans.” Yes, Gen Z customers are less likely to spend time with your marketing if it doesn’t connect with them immediately but that doesn’t mean you should be patronising.
Use Micro-Influencers – Social media influencers are big business and can be a great asset for your brand. However, the most popular ones come with a heavy price tag. Instead, consider hiring micro-influencers to spread your brand message. These are Instagram, YouTube and Twitch influencers with just around 10,000 to 100,000 followers that arguably have a deeper connection with their audience and won’t cost you half as much. Particularly powerful, in fact, if your brand is in something of a niche.

Be Visual – They are a generation that responds positively to big bold gestures and visuals that take no prisoners. Just look at the visuals accompanying a popular Gen Z artist, Billie Eilish. Everything she puts her spin on is colourful, dynamic and deliberately provocative. In terms of your marketing, this means big printed banners, extravagant designs and slogans that get to the pointare very much the way to go.
Engage Transparently – This is a double-edged sword as you have to develop engagement in your brand without coming across as ‘fake’. 63% of Gen Z prefer to see ‘real people’ in their ads and are more interested in content that’s realistic and relatable. This can be a difficult balance to find. Try to pay attention to trending topics but don’t jump on every single one and try to ensure your audience is involved wherever possible. Because if you’re coming across as phony in any way, they’ll know!

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