The Mass Production of Websites

While you read this sentence, the internet connects over 3.8 billion people worldwide through more than 1.3 billion websites. Due to these insane stats, Wiredelta® has always encouraged a unique take on a brand’s online presence.


Henry Ford is famously known for the mass production of the Ford Model T. There was only one product model and each model was built exactly the same as the last. On the upside, mass production simplifies the production process resulting in faster production and reduced costs. On the downside, this cookie cutter framework can limit customization, which can lead to the alienation of some customers.


Just like cars, there are stock apps and websites, but there are real masterpieces as well. For some businesses, template-made websites and apps are ok, but isn’t it better when some more creativity is applied? One thing we can say for sure – the world needs fewer copycats and more innovators!


What does this tell us?

Technological innovation appears to be accelerating. Especially this acceleration can be seen within software, where one of the main innovations is AI and open source work coming together.
The so-called “digital democracy” makes it easier for people to get online. Because of website and app building innovations, it’s much easier for people to create and design at any time. Anyone and everyone can join the digital community.


For instance, DIY platforms like Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace deconstruct creative barriers, encouraging newcomers to build websites in their own image. They’re a quick fix for non-tech savvy people, giving them a cheap and easy website-building platform. However, this isn’t nearly as ideal as you think. To get a better sense of this issue, check out our other post about the downsides of DIY website builders here.


mass production of websites


Which direction does the web development industry heading?

What’s the worst part about websites being a commodity? The entire industry stagnates. Most importantly, HTML and Web languages are very standard, but applicable everywhere. Therefore, unless you offer features that really stand out, the cheapest provider is most likely to get the most business.


Nowadays, well-known closed source website building platforms like Wix and Squarespace offer very cheap prices. Plus, huge ad campaigns convince users to trust these website builders without exploring them.

However, in this case, cheaper prices don’t always mean good quality or functionality. They just create a bunch of website clones with limited functionality and customization. Not particularly original, don’t you think?

When you work with these platforms, your investment limits your possibilities to success. The main issue is not being able to customize your website or alter the code in a website builder because it’s stuck in a closed source prison. In short, the economic opportunity to make a better product disappears when everyone lowers their prices!


Now with that being said, how can we change this issue?


mass production of websites


Wiredelta’s Open Source Vision

Web design becomes more like manufacturing and less like art. An ideal platform must help users, be easy to use, and support free thinking. Similarly, one of our other posts discusses the importance of custom themes.

First and foremost, Wiredelta passionately believes in open source, which provides access to a rich amount of free plugins, themes, and features! If any business wants to stay relevant, they must shift from a commodity-driven mindset to one of customization. Common DIY (Do It Yourself) platforms have the bare minimum of features, but Wiredelta has the full deluxe package. We’ll easily set up your site, edit it the way you want, and offer you an elite development task force for more customization.

Secondly, we are building an AI that assists customers when they are creating their website. It’s fully automated and self-learning, meaning the AI continues to improve itself over time. Our AI assistant will focus on the more technical steps so you can focus more on the fun stuff like plugins and themes.

Even though Wiredelta’s sites are easy to use, they still manage to escape the DIY trap by having ample, spiced-up custom choices.



Commodities are a quick fix, but human creativity disappears if it isn’t nurtured. In order to keep technology fresh and dynamic, then web agencies must always prioritize customer involvement and preferences.


If you want to express your unlimited creativity, build a successful and sustainable platform, reach out to us and let’s start creating the future together. Creativity runs free in the Wiredelta world!

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