How to Migrate to Wiredelta

At Wiredelta®, we have been focusing on open source since the day of dawn. For example, WordPress is a great website building tool as it offers an extensive variety of features and design options. Not to mention the huge advantage of open-source: communities of developers have access to the source code on which they can build on to improve current templates and modules as well as increase their number.


But here is the thing: whenever one wants to go deeper in terms of customization, open source CMS can become hard to handle. Some knowledge of programming languages, such as PHP or CSS, is generally required. Pretty frustrating when you’ve faced an open source’s exhaustivity.


We mulled over this obstacle for quite a while and eventually came up with the platform. An online website builder helping you to make your CMS-based web app, step by step, in a hassle-free way. The whole idea of the platform is to eliminate the problem of open source described above. How?


  • An AI Developer, available 24/7 is there to help you out with any CMS-related query,
  • Also, you can contact our partners, top-notch web agencies in order to have tailor-made custom work done for your website.


The combination of artificial and human bits of intelligence will simply never let you down. Ask our AI first and if it cannot answer, create a ticket. Easy!


Did we manage to grab your attention? If so, cool! Now, what you have to be aware of is how to access the platform in order to make it usable for your website. For this purpose, Wiredelta takes care of moving and adapting your website to our new environment without undergoing any alteration from a design perspective. Ready to migrate? Let us see together why and how.


Migrate, yeah, but why?

Migration generally involves moving a website to another host. In our case, things are slightly different as it implies moving a website to a platform. As a consequence, you can choose to migrate while remaining with your current hosting solution.


Anything I should be aware of before migrating?

All you really need to know is that we take care of everything.

  • We will schedule the migration at a time of low traffic to have a minimum number of people not being able to access your website. You may consider informing your visitors in advance that your website will be down for an amount of time that we will evaluate.
  • We will proceed to a backup of your website in case something goes wrong. You won’t lose any data!
  • In case you went for the bundle, we will take care of transferring your domain name to your new host.
  • Once the migration is completed, we will scan your website to make sure all your content is there and at the right place.
  • Oh, and did we mention that the whole migration process is FREE in itself?


How long does it take to migrate to Wiredelta’s platform?

The amount of time required to migrate relies on various factors such as:

  • The size of your website: more data to transfer involves more time.
  • The age of your server: we can deal with any server but we for sure prefer recent ones.
  • The technology on which your website is based: if you work with the latest version of your CMS, it will definitely help, but if not, we will update it!

Depending on these factors, the whole migration process should last between 4 to 8 hours. A rather long coffee break, but still.


However, not to forget that going for the hosting solution also involves pointing your domain name to your new host. This operation can take up to 24 hours during which your website will not be accessible. Fair enough, that’s a very long coffee break. But, it’s worth it.


Okay, I want to migrate, what shall I do?

Can’t be any easier. Let’s recap the steps:


  1. Fill in the migration contact form right here and click “Start Migrating”. You will then receive a confirmation email.
  2. We have a look at your website in order to make the first assessment and set up a profile for you on the platform.
  3. We contact you for further information and set a migration date. You provide us with your website’s credentials and database.
  4. Wiredelta proceeds with the migration on the due date and sets up a client area for you.
  5. Enjoy!


Alternatively, if not so comfortable with old-school forms, you can also just chat with us and we will do the rest!




Lean back, stretch your legs and drink a Martini: this is a 100% hassle-free migration. Try out our demo and chat with our AI Developer to have a clearer idea of how cool our future platform is!

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