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Wiredelta &
Philip Morris International (PMI)

Working together towards a smoke-free future in the Nordics

In 2014 PMI introduced the first mass-market heated tobacco device, IQOS, and with it, triggered a chain reaction in the development of smoke-free alternatives around the globe.


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About Philip Morris

Started in 1847, Philip Morris International is one of the oldest and largest tobacco companies in the world.

In 2014 the company’s vision changed drastically when PMI announced the first-ever mass-market Heated Tobacco Product (HTP), the IQOS device, and with it, the promise to become an exclusively smoke-free company.

Today, the IQOS brand makes up over 75% of the global HTP market share and more than a third of Philip Morris’ revenue.

Our contribution

Responsive development

Both web stores are built in CS-Cart, a PHP-based CMS that enables PMI to run a seamless multisite for the IQOS brand.

Our tasks include developing and maintaining the frontend side of both stores, for which we rely on the holy triad – HTML, CSS and vanilla Javascript.

UX/UI design

We analyse and suggest ways to improve the stores’ UX/UI for a better user experience and a more seamless brand consistency.

When needed, we also help with responsive designs for campaigns and secondary pages.

Graphic & brand design

Iconography, animated gifs, image editing, custom illustrations – whatever IQOS needs, we provide. 

We closely collaborate with PMI and their vendors to create amazing graphic assets that enhance each campaign and increases its success rate.

Project management

As an agile development agency, we are flexible and adapt easily to our partners’ needs, PMI included.

For this, one of our project managers is always available to discuss, define and manage tasks, provide technical support and bridge the gap between PMI and the development team.

Project takeaways

As PMI’s regional frontend team for the Nordics, it is our job to ensure that both IQOS Denmark and IQOS Sewden follow the global design system. 

This is not always easy, as Denmark has more strict regulations for the tobacco industry than Sweden, but where there is a will there is a way. We always find a way to navigate the two markets, bring beautiful designs to life and play by the industry rules.

Next steps

Web development

Our goal for the future is to refactor existing code and optimize the frontend by using mobile-first global components for better efficiency.

UX Design

We also plan to improve page speed and reduce user steps in main flows (f.ex. shopping flow, and support flow)  for a better overall user experience.

Project management

We will continue to use Agile methodologies for future task management, but we will add GitHub to our processes for better code history and code reviews.

Other success stories

In the past decade we have launched over 100 websites and more than 20 mobile apps, helping each of our client get closer to their digital goals.

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