Proven Ways to Increase Your Marketing Qualified Leads

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Having and launching a successful strategy for any business, brand, or product is never straightforward. There is so much to be considered, from understanding your target audience to meeting sales goals and even perfecting how to succeed in a very competitive market.

To maximize sales, you need to learn how to increase market-qualified leads (MQL) for your websites and convert those leads to customers. However, increasing the MQLs you receive on your website can be a tricky process. 

On that note, here are some proven ways to increase your MQLs.



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an amazing strategy to increase MQLs for your organization. With it, you get a steady increase in organic traffic to your company’s site.

For better results, you need to master SEO. The main way to create SEO content is by blogging regularly. Write about topics that your lead would search for on Google.

SEO uses word-for-word search terms called “keywords.” Sprinkle them throughout your blog posts and other content in a way that feels natural to attract more lead traffic.

You can also try A/B test landing pages and forms to help develop and improve your SEO strategy and get more MQLs to your website and posts.


Create Customized Funnel-Based Content

After segmenting your lead, you can easily create customized funnel-based content for specific segments. With this, your content and campaigns can target the specific segmented audiences you intend to reach. 

Customize your content to resonate with the MQL you are targeting and want to increase. Marketing plays a bigger role in the customer’s journey than sales, which means businesses have to create lead-specific content for each stage of the funnel.

Specific content a lead interacts with at the consideration level should not be the same as what the lead interacts with at the awareness level. For example, a first-time visitor to your website or business is highly unlikely to book a demo for a product. 

However, they might be more willing to sign up for a newsletter or download a free ebook. Ensure you don’t filter all new leads straight to the top of your funnel. This helps you improve your MQL conversion rate.

Clear stages should be defined, and assign content guidelines and metrics to understand when a lead becomes an MQL and when that MQL becomes an SQL.


MQL Criteria

To increase the MQL on your website, brand, or business, you define the criteria that you deem fit as market-qualified leads. Your MQL criteria will help you develop campaigns, content promotion, services, and products for your target audience.

You can identify marketing-qualified leads by having your sales and marketing teams work together and agree on the definition. This is achieved by using your target audience and buyer personas to set measurable metrics. 

Once the marketing team has determined how to score leads, you can design tools and processes to push leads toward becoming MQLs. Defining your criteria will also enable you to measure progress and calculate the success or failure rates of your marketing campaigns.


Segment Your Leads

Since not all leads are equal, segmenting your leads is very important. You can segment and organize your leads based on the platforms and methods used to generate them. 

Gather sales intelligence about your leads, like user data and which platforms were used to submit their user information to you and your business. This will help determine what stage of the buyer’s journey they’ve reached and where their interests lie. 

Your marketing team then uses this data to take a well-tailored approach to guide your leads down segmented sales funnels.

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