Server IP

Server IP (Internet Protocol) address is an inseparable part of everything connected on the internet. Its purpose is to make it easy to properly recognize a specific place on the internet where the information is supposed to be sent and received.


Before 2011, IPs were following a format of a set of 4 numbers separated by dots. Each number is 1-3 digits long with a value from 0-255. This was called the IPv4 or Internet protocol version 4 format.


However, since 2011, we have exhausted the IPv4 and are now using the IPv6 format that looks a bit like this 2600:1005:b062:61e4:74d7:f292:802c:fbfd.

Server IP address displayed on the screen
source: ITPro

But what’s important for you, is to know that servers assign specific IP addresses also to websites like yours. Also, depending on your hosting, you can get either a shared or dedicated IP address.


What is a Shared IP

There are many hosting providers offering shared hosting plans and you should know that sharing your IP address on the same server with other websites is not uncommon at all. Especially when some websites turn to WordPress hosting, for example. Since a dedicated server IP address has some advantages, a shared option is naturally a cheaper option. Moreover, some websites simply don’t need those extra advantages.


Dedicated IP vs Shared IP
Source: NameCheap


And if you’re worried that your search ranking would suffer because of some other website using the same IP, you don’t have to be. Google realized long ago that punishing the whole IP address just because one of its users might be breaking the rules is not really fair. The worst-case scenario is that you simply won’t get any extra points. That’s all.


What is a Dedicated IP

On the other hand, owning a dedicated IP address might cost you a bit more, but it comes with several perks. Even though shared IPs are able to obtain SSL certificate since 2007, it is still much easier to get it, if you have a dedicated server IP address. Additionally, if there is only one website using the IP, it is also much easier to locate it. This leads to faster loading times which means higher performance. And as a result, you might get a small boost to your SEO.


Generally speaking, you can’t go wrong with using your own IP. It is more practical and offers more options if you would come across any issues around it.


How does server IP impact your SEO

First of all, it is important to realize that your server IP doesn’t have a too significant effect on your SEO. But as we already know, SEO optimization is about the little details that stack up together.


In this case, a little bit of added performance boost with the dedicated IP, might be just what you’re missing. But essentially, neither of these two options result in unwanted setbacks yet it is still important that you choose a hosting provider which makes sense for your website.


Just because dedicated IP sounds more practical, it does not necessarily mean that you need one. Also, a dedicated IP comes with specific hosting services. In other words, while a dedicated solution sounds better and more secure, it still is a bit more expensive – or rather a lot more expensive.

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