Web Apps

Promotional Website

A promotional website gives your company a great foundation for an online presence. It’s a platform from which you tell your story and engage your customers. Developing and creating your promotional website can be the best thing you do for your business. 

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E-Commerce Webshop

Do you go with the dream of starting your own shop? There are a number of considerations you should make yourself, like which platform your Internet shop will be operated. There are a variety of systems and CMSs, you can choose from.

Landing Page

Landing page is refered to as a standalone web page, designed for a single focused objective. The landing page should not be tied to the rest of the website by global navigation. The reason is to limit the options available to your visitors and guide them toward your intended conversion goal.


Mobile Apps

Apple’s mobile operating system, available on iPhones and iPads, is the platform that generate the most revenues and profits.
Google’s mobile operating system, used across different brands like Samsung, LG and HTC. Fastest growing mobile platform with more than 500,000 Android devices activated every day.
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Cross-platform frameworks allow for hybrid apps that can be deployed to different mobile stores while maintaining a single codebase.



A truly rewarding website should serve as the engine of innovation that underpins your business growth. Whether you are a well-established organisation or an innovative startup, the design of your website needs to convey your key differentiators and build trust to stand out from your competitors.


For server-intensive applications cloud-hosting is the way forward, and WD has chosen to work with OVH, a collection of remote services providing a large computing capacity, faster and cheaper than any dedicated server could be at scale.


We are here to help you not only to help develop and launch your applcation, but also provide the right maintanance with secure back up, to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

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Digital Marketing

You’ve created a great website, you have a great product that you want people to buy. The next step is to focus on your online marketing efforts, in order to get more traffic, more conversions, more leads….just about more of everything that makes your website race up the search engine rankings.


Getting overloaded with support tickets and requests from customers? You want to but cannot keep up with the customer’s need for better and faster service? Create human-like bots that understands natural language using intents, entities and contexts.

Decentralised Apps

The main difference between blockchain and a normal database is the set of specific rules on how to insert data into the database. With blockchain, due to its distributed database storage, it is not possible to duplicate or remove data, it is only possible to add data. The data is locked to a specific owner thus making it decentralized.

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