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The popularity of Android phones is exploding, and although Apple lovers are never going to believe this, 57% of the smartphone users use Android-supported devices. Developing a mobile app through the Android operating system is the perfect solution for you and your business to reach a wider audience. Our stellar developers will help you realizing a mobile app that will serve a specific target within a global market, without being limited by geographic boundaries. This allows you to stay competitive while maintaining the mission and goals of your company.


The number of different devices using the Android operating system and the multiple online stores where Android mobile apps can be purchased go to the infinity… and beyond! Creating a universally supported platform is a tough mission, but luckily our developers at Wiredelta have the superpower to create, develop and optimize for you a mobile app that is compatible with all the Android-friendly devices. Your app will benefit from Android’s popularity, which will increase its accessibility and visibility, and it will then be easier for customers to find the app and purchase it.

Quality Assurance

Preventing mobile app-related issues and being able to promptly solve unforeseen accidents that might occur is crucial for keeping your customers’ satisfaction high and for maintaining a strong and consistent position in the market. Delivering your audience a smooth extraordinary experience is your mission. Ours is making sure you will achieve it. Quality is our middle name, and through regular maintenance and constant updates of your mobile app, we strive to ensure continuous functionality and keep a high performance of your platform.

Open Source

Can you imagine a mobile app that can entirely reflect your business concept and ideas, and at the same time perfectly fits the needs of your audience? Thanks to the revolutionary characteristics of Android’s open source software, and to the incredible knowledge and skills of our developers, this is not utopic anymore. We are going to exploit Android software’s flexibility while integrating new technologies and complex building platforms to develop for you a deeply customized app capable to exceed yours and your customers’ expectations.

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