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Animation Design

Animation emerged on the web many years ago in the form of .gif files with various moving pictures and video clips. It is now perfectly integrated in web design, representing an efficient addition to several website elements. Born as decorative tools, animations are now used by web designers to increase websites’ usability, improving the overall performance. They can fulfill different purposes, such as attracting users’ attention to relevant details, guiding them around the website and trying to influence their final buying decision. Including interactive features and drawing users’ attention to them with the help of animation effects can help business websites improving their conversions and ROI. Due to the benefits they can generate, it is wise to include these elements within your website. Our stellar designers at Wiredelta will use their skills and knowledge to create the most appropriate and suitable animation effects for your improving your website’s performance.

Graphic Design

Graphic design aims to develop a creative and systematic plan to solve problems or to achieve specific goals, through the adoption of a wide range of different elements such as images, symbols or words. It could also be conceived as a form of visual communication and the aesthetic expression of concepts and ideas through the use of graphic tools. Graphic design tools can include a combination of lines, shapes, color, type and texture, while graphic designers possess both the creative and the analytical mindset necessary to combine the tools to develop the most efficient and suitable plan for your business. Our Photoshop and Illustrator rockstars at Wiredelta possess the right skills and knowledge to wisely combine art and technology to communicate messages by creating impressive and remarkable visuals. They will develop a plan to communicate your brand and your brand’s message visually, using impressive logos, appealing brochures and newsletters including great photography and images, creating for you web masterpieces that’d impress Michelangelo 2.0.

Visual Effects

Otherwise known as VFX is the process by which imagery is created or manipulated outside the context of a live action shot in film making. Visual effects involve the integration of live-action footage (special effects) and generated imagery (digital effects) to create environments which look realistic but would be dangerous, expensive, impractical, time-consuming or impossible to capture on film. Our designers will work on your visual effects using computer-generated imagery (CGI), which have recently become accessible to the independent filmmaker with the introduction of affordable and easy-to-use animation and compositing software.

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