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Shared Hosting

Wiredelta is all about pushing the open source revolution, and we are no strangers to the old adage “sharing is caring”. Shared hosting involves having several applications typically owned by different clients on the same server. It’s a very cost-effective type of hosting because the cost is shared by everyone, but so is the load! It’s important to factor in when considering shared hosting that the security of the server depends on the applications hosted on the same server. In short, the chain is not stronger than the weakest link, and if one application gets hacked, loaded with heavy media files or stormed with new users, being on a shared hosting will risk affecting your website or mobile app.

Dedicated Hosting

Imagine you have a significant other, be it a boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, and they continuously display their unwavering love and affection by complimenting you, making you your favorite food, or taking you on romantic getaways to Hawaii. Dedicated hosting is the web hosting version of that significant other. Dedicated hosting refers to a server in which your business can be the only client using that specific server to run your website or mobile app. With this added flexibility and spaciousness, your company can decide exactly what type of operating system and hardware you intend to use for your dedicated server. While it naturally costs slightly more than shared hosting, the benefits of dedicated hosting are crystal clear and it could turn out to be the best online purchase your company ever made. Dedicated hosting is indeed your one true love.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is like a hive mind of servers that bow to their website overlord (aka. your company). If your company intends to use multiple servers at maximum capacity, then cloud hosting will be your best option. In other words, cloud hosting is built for scale! With cloud hosting, your company can support large amounts of users at once with many servers spread out all over the globe. An added bonus is that it runs exceptionally fast and its price tag is directly tied to the usage of servers, only paying for what you get. If you want quick access to data from any location in the world at any time, then choose cloud hosting for a truly innovative and revolutionary form of hosting applications. All glory to the cloud hosting master race.

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