Hybrid Applications

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Hybrid apps’ popularity relies upon the ‘write-once-run-anywhere’ approach to mobile development, which ensures the possibility of running these apps on every device with ease. HTML5 mobile UI frameworks allow the development of hybrid mobile apps compatible with different platforms, characterized by a native look and feel. Not only your hybrid mobile app will reach the widest range of devices, but it will also be beneficial because of the easier distribution and support required. Wiredelta’s developers hold the right skills to create for you a stellar hybrid app and to take the most out of it.

React Native

After the great success reached with many projects on the web, React Native’s framework has now been brought to the next step of mobile app development. What makes it efficient and powerful is its ability to enable developers to focus on their products and less time fighting with their framework. By creating outstanding iOS and Android apps, React Native ensures the delivery of remarkable experiences on native platforms, and choosing to develop a hybrid mobile app through it allows your business to benefit from the possibility to run it on all the different platforms you wish to adopt.


Defined as ‘simple, fast and powerful’, Ionic framework has established itself as the leader in the hybrid mobile apps development market over the last couple of years. It offers services like Push Notifications, the ability to instantly update your app in the App Stores and easy-to-integrate Analytics. Ionic framework is maintainable and scalable, equipped with specific components and tools that aim to ensure an easy, enjoyable and interactive apps development process. Its competitive advantage relies on the quick responsiveness and ability to adapt to the latest trends, therefore it represents a great framework for developing a mobile app for your business, maintaining you always up-to-date.


PhoneGap is a solution for building cross-platform mobile apps with standards-based Web technologies – HTML, JavaScript, CSS. What makes PhoneGap unique of its kind is the ability to blurry the existing lines between the several frameworks and languages necessary to develop applications for different platforms – iPhone, Android, Windows and more. By adopting standard-based web technologies PhoneGap overcomes this gap and allows developers to create apps that are not only compatible with many different platforms, but that are also conceived to keep up with browsers’ future evolution.

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